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My Tongue and its Peircing

Tongue piercings first appealed to me when I went in with a friend to get her conch piercing and I started chatting to a girl waiting to get her own tongue done, she was so nervous but I was still there when she came out and it looked great. At the time I was only 15 (and a half) and had just got my eyebrow done so I didn't really think much on it. The a couple of months later I met a girl on a school trip who had her tongue done and it put the idea back in my head, it stuck and the rest as they say is history.

I still had a month to go before my 16th birthday (where I live there is no real restrictions on piercings but most decent places won't pierce a person under 16 without parental consent) so I spent hours upon hours researching and reading everything I could find relating to tongue peircings. I checked out both sides of the story, good and bad and even though the risks scared me but I kept looking and talked to a few local piercers who said that if it was done properly the risks where extremely minimal. I think the story that spooked me the most was this one:


But I figured as long as I went somewhere reputable (unlike what I did when I got my eyebrow done) and was prepared to remove it is complications occurred or it started damaging my gums I would be fine. Then it occurred to me that I play an instrument where I am required to use my tongue to separate notes. That dampened my plans but more research and professional advice reassured me that past the swelling I would be fine and my playing would be unaffected. Thankfully they were right and it hasn't affected my playing after the swelling went down and makes my tutor laugh when he remembers me trying to play two days after I got it done.

Around this time I gave up on getting eyebrow piercing to heal as it was beginning to migrate (but that's another story) and ended up removing it. My mother always hated my eyebrow (she doesn't view it as very feminine) and after I took it out (she didn't realise I had) she proposed a deal that if I did take it out I could get my tongue done. Of course I agreed.

So four days after I turned 16 I got a standard tongue done at Primal Urge, Perth and was insanely happy with the service and end result. I was careful to watch all the packets being opened and everything being sterilised while I swished the mouthwash he had given me around in my mouth. My piercer washed his hands twice, used two pairs of gloves and wore a face mask before asking me if I was ready. He marked me up and told me to shut my eyes, gave me a bib (which was thankfully unneeded as I didn't drool) and proceeded to put the needle through my tongue. The jewellery was then put in and tightened and I was told I could put my tongue (which felt like carpet after being after my mouth so long) back in my mouth. I was given icy water to sip at while he went through the aftercare instructions and then sent on my way with an instruction pamphlet, spare acrylic ball, downsizing bar and an awesome sticker.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I can't really offer insight on the pain level but the clamp was a bit uncomfortable. Nothing exciting has happened with it so far (6 weeks in) and it has healed up brilliantly after an initial 5 days of discomfort due to swelling and was ridiculously easy to look after. I lived on soup and iced juice which was a bit boring after a while but I lived.

I had a bit of trouble finding properly sized jewellery as I have an abnormally thick tongue (even without the swelling) but otherwise it's been smooth sailing. I've had no real negative comments accept from my mother (I'm not allowed to show her as it makes her feel queasy) and my friends thought it was hilarious when I tried to communicate for the first few days. I was a bit concerned with the preconception of a tongue piercing being synonymous to promiscuous behaviour but I figured other's opinions shouldn't matter regarding my own choices. All in all it was a win win situation and is a piercing I'd recommend to anyone especially as a first piercing due to the ease of aftercare which was a combination of mouthwash, gargling warm saline solution and ibuprofen to help with the swelling.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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Location: Perth

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