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My tongue-web piercing.

I've always loved piercings, but my parents hate them. I already have numerous ear piercings and stretchers, navel piercing and smiley, so I was looking for something discreet and easy to hide.

I have a few friends who had pierced their own tongue-webs and they rejected, but I thought it would look good if done professionally, and it looked easy to hide.

I researched people's experiences and the majority of people said it was a painless piercing so I wasn't too scared about getting it done. So last monday I went up town with my friend's to a piercer I know and trusted and told him what I wanted.

I went into the piercing room and he let me watch him sterilise the needles and jewellery which was comforting as I am a complete hygiene freak. He picked out a curved barbell with cones to put in once it was done which I thought looked pretty smart.

I sat down on the seat, turned my head up towards him and opened my mouth. He told me to push my tongue to the front of my mouth so he could get a good angle. I felt the needle go through and it wasn't very painful, just like a small pinch, but when I tried to move my tongue it was agony and I realised he had hit some nerve endings. Little tears manages to escape my eyes and roll down my face and I felt silly but it was really rather painful.

I had to ask him to remove it and re-pierce it a second time a bit further forward which seemed to be more succesful, but it took him a while to get the ball attatched to the barbell as I have a very small mouth and my tongue kept rolling the bar about. He had a smart little tool though which picked up the ball in a sort of claw so that he could twist the ball on with out having to try and shove his whole hand in my mouth.

My friend who was with me was getting her smiley pierced (which I already have and found pretty painless) so whilst she was getting that done I sat in the waiting room with my other friend. When I was talking I felt a sharp jabbing in my gum and was instantly worried.

I asked my friend to check inside my mouth to see if anything was wrong with my piercing. It turned out that whilst I had been talking the cone on my barbell had twisted out and was rattling about inside my mouth so I had to go back into the piercing room to try and put it back on.

Jordan tried to twist the ball back on but the bar slipped out and he couldn't get it back in which was really frustrating. There was a lot of pushing about but in the end he said the only way I would get it back in was if he re-pierced it. It was a bit of a nuisance but I appreciated him for trying again.

I desperately wanted the piercing by now and didn't really mind having to get it done again so I just let him get on with it. It seemed to be less painful this time but I still managed to slaver all over Jordan's hand and bite his fingers a few times. Instead of putting the barbell back in he changed it to a straight bar as this would apparently stay in easier.

About half an hour later after I first arrived I was finally done. I sat up and looked at it in the mirror and instantly loved it. Definatley worth all the hassle and it only cost £20.

My tongue swole up an awful lot so I took some ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling which seemed to help, but it was at least two days until I could eat properly and the swelling had gone completley down. Also I was left with a bit of a lisp.

I love my piercing and would definatley reccomend it to anyone who is contemplating it. You should wash out your mouth with non-alcoholic mouth wash after every big meal.

I was so worried that the ball would fall out again so Jordan told me to bite down on one end of the bar and twist the balls really tight so that there was no risk of it falling off, which was really painful but needed to be done.

I've had it done for nearly a week now and have had no problems with it so far. Parents haven't seemed to notice either which is good, even though I will end up telling them eventually :P

The only problem is that I love to sing and it is slightly difficult with the bar in.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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