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Trying to find a suitable tongue eyelet

This is my ongoing experience to get a permanent hole through my tongue.

I initially got my tongue pierced as soon as I got out of high school, roughly a year and a half ago. The reason I got it done was because I loved the culture behind BM but I didn't want any sort of piercings or tattoos that would look unprofessional. I still wanted to be able to get jobs at conservative places. I figured that a tongue piercing was (at least somewhat) hidden.

I actually cannot remember where I got it done at but I was referred to the place by a friend who got an eyebrow piercing there. They were very clean and gave great advice. My girlfriend went with me. The piercing was quite painless but it took a bit to get the needle through. Apparently, I have a thick tongue. My girlfriend was pretty creeped out. She said it was like watching a train wreck.

It swelled a little during the next few days but ibuprofen (after it stopped bleeding of course) and ice cream kept it down. I managed to hide it from my parents for about two weeks. Everything else is about the same as the thousands of other tongue piercing stories.

Fast forward a year. I wanted to keep modding but there wasn't anything else, besides tattoos, that I wanted that could be hidden easily (genital, skin and nipple piercings just aren't that appealing to me). So I started looking for other options for my tongue. The first option I found were these cool acrylic barbells. Little did I know that they are horrible for tongue piercings. They would slowly dissolve in my mouth after several weeks. I actually managed to chew one completely in half (no damage to my teeth, luckily). So I switched back.

The second option was stretching. I, being an uninformed dumbass, went out and bought the first barbell I saw that was bigger than my current one. It was a 10g. My piercing was a 14g. I didn't use a taper or any sort of tool to stretch my tongue. I just pulled out my old piercing and plopped the new one in. This was, by definition, a bad idea. It hurt. It even swelled the next day. I was back on Ibuprofen and ice cream for a while but fortunately no serious damage was done.

Still, this wasn't enough for me. I didn't want to keep stretching my tongue though, I was afraid that I'd never stop. And lately, I was in the habit of going to parties, getting drunk and proceeding to stick things through my tongue to gross people out. Typically, I used toothpicks, insides of pens, string, etc. During one of these adventures, I got the brilliant idea to put some sort of tunnel into my tongue, so I wouldn't have to constantly pull out my piercing. I could just slide a toothpick through whenever I want.

After that, I became obsessed with getting a permanent tunnel through my tongue. This time, though, I wanted to make sure I was informed about everything. I talked to everyone from piercers, to shop workers to online communities. I even posted a question at BME. Every person I talked to told me that it was a horrible idea. I heard plenty of theories about how it would cause me to drool and how I wouldn't be able to speak correctly. Some even went as far as to say that the hole would cause it so that I wouldn't be able swallow or that I wouldn't be able to completely stop airflow with my mouth open because of the permanent hole.

But I could not find a single person who actually had any experience with trying this sort of thing, only ideas and theories. So I went ahead and bought a cheap eyelet that was half off ($5) just to see how exactly it would work out. It's a 9.5mm (waaay too short for a tongue), 8g single flare eyelet. First, let me say, it DOES NOT cause any drooling and I can speak perfectly. Airflow is blocked much farther back on the tongue from where my piercing is so I can swallow just fine and I've been told that my piercing is farther back than normal, so it can't just be me.

This next part is a little hard to visualize but I'll try to explain it the best that I can. The ends of the hole (or top and bottom) in my tongue are stretched to less than 8g due to playing/eating/speaking/etc with a barbell. And the eyelet is incredibly short. So the flare end (and sometimes the oring end) actually go into the hole in my tongue.

On the bright side, while the ends of the opening are stretched further, the middle is still about 8g. Because of this, the piercing will fall into my tongue, but not through it. Basically, I can envelope the piercing completely inside my tongue, since the middle of my tongue is still 8g. It's like having a spacer that is completely invisible, since it is hidden inside my tongue. Though, I wouldn't recommend using one as a spacer, it is a bit uncomfortable at first and probably would not work well for longer periods of time.

I'm thinking that this problem would be fixed if I could get a longer piercing and a wider flare/oring. I finally found a 3/4 inch long threaded tunnel thanks to someone giving me a link to an extensive site. It seems long enough and the thread looks wide enough to not get sucked into my tongue. I am just a little too broke at the moment to shell out the $60 that they are asking for.

Anyway, I love having the 8g single flared eyelet in but I do not leave it in for long. By sticking my tongue out, I can create a suction in it between my lips. Since it seems like no one really knows much about tongue eyelets, I'm going to keep trying to find the right piece. Hopefully I can save up for a custom piece of some sort to create a permanent tunnel in my tongue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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