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Tongue Piercing... Second time's a charm

It all started about 3 weeks ago when I decided that I wanted another piercing, and that I wanted to get my left nipple re-pierced after it had migrated out a year ago, for my birthday.

I called around to a few friends and no one was able to go with me that day, so I actually planned it out with a friend to go on a Saturday morning.

I've had several other piercings before this one but this was the first one that wasn't somewhere I thought I could clean easily and just not worry about.  Nonetheless I gathered up my courage and went with my friend to the mall, picking up some food beforehand so that I wouldn't starve if I couldn't eat afterward. We went down to Universal, the parlour that my friend usually went to downtown and inquired about getting pierced.   

My first hint that I shouldn't have gone there was that it didn't look very attractive on the inside and the man at the counter wasn't very friendly, or knowledgeable, but my friend had gone there several times so I trusted him that it would be fine.  Told him what I wanted done, paid, and after a bit of a wait was led into a room by a girl name Jen. 

She seemed pretty professional and friendly, but when someone is paying you to hurt them then I guess that's how you've got to be.  She quickly had me open up my mouth and surveyed it, then told me that I had veins on the bottom of my tongue. Ok, I thought, everyone does. I gargled with some watered down Listerine and then spat back into the cup. She then proceeded to mark what I figured: since it was her profession, the middle of my tongue.  Then without letting me see where she marked, she pierced my tongue.  Kind of uncomfortable but really not that bad. She then had me remove my shirt and also pierced my nipple while I was distracted by my friend. Not really that bad either. 

Happy with my re-pierced nipple and my newly pierced tongue I wandered out with my friend.  It took me a day to figured out how to eat again, but it's not actually that difficult if you move the food to the sides of your mouth carefully and keep your piercing pushed up to the roof of your mouth. I was eating back to normal by the second day and noodles and all those things that you aren't supposed to be able to eat. Word to the wise though, even if you normally eat spicy food, there are some spicy foods I wouldn't recommend like Wasabi.  Having eaten other spices with no problem I thought sushi would be fine: WRONG! This probably goes for horseradish too, but this spice just dug into the piercing and sat there burning no matter how much I drank. 

At the time I didn't notice, since I didn't want to play with my tongue too much, that it wasn't at all straight. It wasn't until I looked in the mirror when looking for a new tongue ring a couple of weeks later that I noticed.  Well, another friend in hand, I went back to inquire if it could be done straighter. The piercer told me outright that it wouldn't be possible because of the veins running under my tongue.  Now, I work in a lab and take blood on a regular basis, I know what and where a vein is, and there wasn't one running under there.  I just told her OK and left the parlour. My friend, knowing how obsessive I can be, told me to come check out her piercer for a second opinion. 

Down the street we went and into Planet Ink to meet Kate who also admitted that, yes, my piercing was very crooked and that she couldn't see any veins under my tongue near there. Upon further conversation she said that if I took it out for a week and let it heal then yes, she could do it. I also inquired about getting a venom then instead on the other side. Unfortunately there are still veins close enough to those spots, that she wouldn't feel comfortable giving me those.  I thanked her and parted ways with my friend to go home and remove the barbell in my room so I wouldn't lose it. 

It was now that I noticed that well, tongue scarring is actually very hard. I had this lump in my tongue where the piercing had been and when I pinched it, it was this hard mass, unlike the rest of my tongue. I hoped that it would go away and massaged it a few times a day until it got just a bit softer, though not by much mind you. 

Today: Nov 29th, a week later, I went back with my second friend to Planet Ink to get my tongue redone.  Being the cheap type and unable to pass up a deal, I also paid for my helix to be done. This time, the piercer Kate, let me look at where she was piercing on top and made sure that it looked straight up and down before piercing me.  I have to say that this second time hurt a lot more. I don't know if it was the scar tissue or that I was more tense this time around, but I had a bit of tears well up at the tongue piercing.  That didn't happen the first time.  My tongue also has begun to swell up a bit:  this also didn't really happen the first time either.  It's kind of odd this second time around because it feels like the front of my tongue has been bitten repeatedly and that it has that residual soreness around the tip.  It also feels like it pinches when I move it.  I just hope that it doesn't swell too much or hurt for too much longer.  Afterwards, Kate also marked my e

ar, and had me lie down and pierced my ear, although just a few hours later now I can barely feel it except when lie on it or my winter cap is on it.

So, looking in the mirror at my tongue this time around I'm pretty sure that its centered and a lot more happy that it's in the middle of my tongue.  I can't totally complain about Jen seeing as she fixed my lopsided nipple situation, but damn... $180 for 3 piercings and a lot of pain the second time around.  I feel as though I should have been able to get another piercing somewhere for that price.  Lesson learned though.  If a place doesn't feel comfortable or right to you:  Go to a different place that feels right.


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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