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Tongue or no tongue ?

Well I'd always thought body piercings were horrible.

Two of my friends had gone and gotten their tongues pierced at the age of 12 and I thought it was ridiculous. They came into school the next day and showed everyone and I immediately fell in love.

I knew there would be no way that I'd be able to get it done even if I begged and pleaded as my dad is very old fashioned.

I decided to leave it a while but in the time I left it I did much research on whether I'd be able to get it done and yet hide it from my dad at the same time. I talked to my mum about it and she said as long as he didn't find out and I paid for it myself I could have it done.

I then set about trying to find the best place to get it done. My friends had gone to a place which wasn't very hygenic. I wasn't about to go where they did, get it infected and spend time in agony. So I found a place near to where I lived that had high recommendations.

I found out you had to be 13 and accompanied by and adult which was fine for me as my mum was going to go with me and I was 13. I decided to go in 2 weeks time. I was so excited I spent time stocking up on loads of ice cream ( yes you can use that excuse ) and cold foods.

The time finally came and I was really scared. Thinking about it I didn't know why on earth I was doing this. Hell I was away to have a hollow needle shoved through my tongue!! I was sitting on the train on the way there when I told my mum I didn't want it done anymore. To which she replied that I'd taken so long to convince her and I better had. So I sat on the train in silence thinking about what I'd gotten myself into.

We got into the studio and everyone was really friendly. He gave me and my mum a sheet to fill about asking if I had any illnesses and/or was pregnant. Which was no obviously!

HE then led me into a small room at the back of the shop which had a white chair and surgical gloves sitting on a metal table. He made me rinse my mouth out with mouthwash to wash away any germs I might have and take a seat.

Then he got my to stick my tongue out. He marked with ink a small dot in the middle of my tongue then took out a sealed package with a hollow needle in it. He took it out and within seconds had positioned it, and put it through my tongue. He snipped off the bottom and placed the bar through the hollow needle then screwed on the ball. I didn't even feel a thing!

He talked through precautions I should take and then told me to come back in two weeks to get my bar changed into a shorter one. The one I had in was about the length of the height of my mouth! It was rather amusing trying to talk and I had a slight lisp but my dad never noticed.

I sat and ate loads of ice cream that night to keep the swelling down. I also was taking Ibuprofen which is meant to do the same thing and I thought it was okay. But next day I woke up in pain with a slightly swollen tongue. Now I tend not to listen a lot so I didn't hear my piercer tell me not to kiss anyone for 2 weeks. I didn't feel the need to mention this to my boyfriend. So as I walked into school he asked to see it so I showed him. He thought it looked awesome! At lunch we were sitting in the park with our mates and he leaned in to kiss me and without hesitating I did the same. When I got home I realised this was a big mistake as my tongue had gone slightly more swollen and had some pussy stuff emerging from underneath one of my taste buds.

I kept cleaning it and stopped kissing and about 1 week later it was fine and dandy. So I would listen closely to your piercer because you really don't want to mess around with your tongue

When I'm at home I try very hard to avoid talking to my dad. He never even noticed which is rather good although I have to talk to him with my teeth shut. 6 months on and he still hasn't noticed. Another bad point I found out is if I shout at him ( being the typical teenager I am ) I have to run out of the room, unscrew my bar and then run back through to shout.

All in all I'm very pleased I got this piercing although if you don't change it into a plastic ball you will wreck the enamel on your teeth and your dentist won't be very pleased. I would recommend this piercing to anyone!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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