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My Tongue webbing

So. Being in college in this narrow-minded town permits me to get piercings with a substantial amount of looks. The other day, a woman was so rude...but that's included in my septum story.

I was in college, and one of my mates came up to me and said that six of us was getting pierced, did I want to come with. That amount went down to four, then up to eleven, by the way. Sean's piercing studio loved us. Now, since I had 13 piercings at the time, located as: four in my lip (two top, two bottom) my nose twice, plugs @ 14mm (reduced from 18mm), tragus and various cartilage, I didn't know where the fuck to put it. I used to think about getting it pierced, but gave up on the idea when my old piercing studio didn't do it. They don't do more than the popular, mainstream normal people ones, actually. I got their late, because that's me, and I had to wait almost 40 minutes because there was a madonna, septum, nose, and two tongues (yes, from our little group). I wasn't nervous, just a bit sceptical about whether or not it would hurt because I continuously pinched it and it ached, ALOT.

When it came to my turn, I went it, we started chatting (it turned out this was only the third tongue webbing she had done in her twelve years of piercing!) whilst she was preparing it. It was only today that i noticed piercing needles are hollow and take out a chuck of skin, not just rupture it, so i started to feel even more dubious and began to act like a pussy. I asked her if she numbed, and she said yes but she doesn't usually. I asked her if she could, and that was it. Tasted gross, but it prepared me, aha.

She clamped me up, (much further in than I expected, but I'm very grateful for that) and just checked to make sure nothing dodgy was in the way. She told me to closer my eyes and do deep calm breaths, so I did, and it was in. Minimal pain, it was nothing, not even a one on my scale of one to ten, and I'm a pussy. The next bit was painful though, trying to get the ball on the CBR. Now THAT was an experience. Because I'd just got the inside of my mouth pierced, the drool was collecting in there by the second. I had to stop, dab tissue in there, swallow and THEN continue for a good two minutes while my fresh piercing was being pulled :[ highly painful. But when it was done, it was cute, I loved it and especially good because I start work on Sunday at Debenhams, and they're well strict on piercings and it was completely invisible. No-one can see it, unless I show them directly. Afterwards for the night was a bitch, trying to eat was basically hell and even speaking hurt. I couldn 't move my tongue at all, without pulling on my tongue webbing. Note, I have the world's smallest tongue and a webbing that comes to one centimetre from the top of my inch long tongue (at its best) so that also did not help in that department. The peircer, Liz, was brilliant and I stayed around for another half hour, waiting for the rest of the group to finish getting pierced and chatting to her. The piercing studio and Liz were awesome, and they let us stay in there whilst faffing around. Plus, I also got my septum done that day in there, which I will tell all about in my next story.

Now, I'm just cleaning it twice a day with warm salt water (not pleasant) and hoping for the best. The gross white stuff is coming out of one end, which is a good sign (i hope) that it's healing. We also had a chat about getting venoms, which is next on my list. :] ANDD, I'm in her sexy little portfolio under unusual. Good times.

Overall, it's a good piercing to get. The reasoning behind getting a piercing is that YOU want to get it, so if you're sceptical about getting the piercing because no one will see it, you probably shouldn't get any piercing if you're doing it for someone else. It perfect, it makes a good little play thing (bad – slows healing process but it's a habit already) and your parents won't know, so they won't go ape on your arse. Also, if your in the Norfolk area and you fancy an unusual piercing, go to Sean's Body Art Studio, down Norfolk street in Kings Lynn. They are one of the best, definitely. They also do things like microdermals (also on my list) and tattoos. Bring ID! :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Liz
Studio: Seans
Location: Kings+Lynn

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