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My new tongue

I'd wanted 2 centre tongue piercings for a while now, I just didn't have the money for them, and I wasn't prepared to go to a cheaper and probably less hygienic place. Finally, I knew when I was going to get the money, and I set a date.

I woke up early one miserable Saturday morning, early because I was supposed to meet my friend in town, who was getting her tragus pierced.. However, she couldn't make it, but I had brought someone else along with me, who was thinking about a nostril piercing. I trekked up to the studio (It is a bit of a hike from the train station...) and already my nerves had started to hit me, and I was shaking a bit, but this could also have been from the cold.

As I was one of the first customers there, the piercer came straight out to see me, and probably recognized me, as he's pierced me a few times before. "What'll it be today boys?", he asked.

"A tongue piercing"

"Okay --"

"Well, two tongue piercings.."

"Ahh. Okay then, let me have a look at your tongue"

So I stuck my tongue out at the man, praying that it would be suitable. Alas, it wasn't. Too short. But he said he could definitely get one in.

I was fairly gutted at this point, but also slightly optimistic because he said when the first tongue piercing had stopped swelling, he might be able to put another one in, but wasn't sure.

Anyway, even if he could fit two in, I couldn't afford it - it would have been £10 more than I had expected to pay. Blah.

So, on we go, as usual, sign the forms, pay your money, let me set up, la de da, time to sit in the chair of death, as he so lovingly referred to it as. I glanced at the needle, and felt a little sick. He held up a bottle of numbing spray, which I'd been warned against, but glanced back at the needle and decided that yes, I would like a numb tongue in fact. So he sprayed it on, then left me in the chair for a couple of minutes while the numbing stinging sensation set in, and then instructed me to spit it out.

"Tongue out!" He dried my tongue and marked it, and although he didn't offer to show it to me I trusted his judgement - every other placement has been perfect first time and I'm sure he's done many of these before. Plus, I already knew where it was going to be - a bit further back, so when the swelling goes down he can see if he can fit another one in.

In goes the needle - OH GOD, the numbing, it does nothing, NOTHING. I felt that needle go through, and it hurt. What doesn't help is my complete and utter fear of needles. Still, part of me enjoyed it, if I didn't, I wouldn't keep getting more piercings now, would I? "How's it feeling?", he asks, with a smile. "I have a fucking needle through my tongue. How do you think it feels..?", I fire back. "Feels good, hey?", he laughs. Then he screws the ball on - I didn't see him put the bar in, but hey, it's done. And it hurts. And I can't speak very well. But I love it. He went through aftercare with me, and said to come back in a couple of weeks to get the bar changed to a shorter one or to see if he could pierce the other hole. He told me where the mirror was (We were in a different room), and I looked at it there, and I loved it. I thanked him for it, and left with my friend (who didn't get anything done...), and headed to McDonalds, when I realized that the nerves had made me f orget three things:

1) To ask him about piercing apprenticeships

2) To get my lip jewellery swapped round - I can't put the ball back in the BCR

3) If they did microdermal piercings.

Oh well, a reason to go back in another time, and whenever I go in I HAVE to get something done!

So now it's a few hours after, and I'm currently living on a diet of bonjela, ice and ibuprofen. Yummy. Could have been worse though, he could have put the other bar through even though he didn't think it would fit, which would probably have caused agony. In fact, I'm quite glad it wouldn't fit two bars straight up - I didn't fancy that needle again immediately after the first time. But in two weeks... I'll have forgotten about the pain ;)

Really want my septum done next, but my girlfriend doesn't like them too much.. I'll have to convert her first!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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