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DIY Tongue Web - Great Experience!

I think everyone who is into body modifications needs at least one abnormal piercing, tattoo, etc. I myself have had a few of these more uncommon piercings, although none of them lasted for a long time. So, for a little background information on my piercings. I have the standard double lobes, the second hole having closed up a while ago. Currently, my first hole has been stretched to a 0, going for a 00 soon. A while back I pierced my right nostril myself, and that wasn't one of my more bright ideas. Then came my first unique piercing; my smiley. I kept this one in for a few months before my mom discovered the shiny ring and made me take it out. Next was my hips, which lasted for a few months until the summer. Last but not least, the only piercing other than my ears that I had done professionally, my navel.

I've always had a fixation with oral piercings; tongue, lip, smiley, frowny, etc. I think they are a very personal thing in a way. Since they are in your mouth (minus lip piercings) not very many people see them unless you show them. So in a sense they are your own little secret. However, oral piercings also aren't very traditional. My parents are very, very against body modifications; and it took me forever to convince them to let me get my ears and navel done. I knew anything else was out of the question to pierce, so I didn't even bother asking their permission.

It happens to everyone. You start getting piercings, and you always tell yourself that will be the last one. But before very long, you get bitten by the piercing bug. You crave for another set of holes in your body from which you can hang a shiny piece of metal. Well, for me I get bitten by this most annoying bug quite often. I can't go more than a month without wanting to shove a needle through my body. So one day, I was surfing through the picture gallery here at BME and I came across the tongue web piercing. It was love at first sight. A small barbell hidden underneath the tongue, out of sight from everyone. It was the perfect piercing for me. It would be easy to hide from my parents, and no one at school had heard of it, let alone have one of their own. So, being me, I decided right then I had to have it done.

Since I didn't have any suitable jewelry for the piercing, I asked one of my friends if I could have one of her 18 gauge rings. She agreed, and I was thrilled. At this point, I wasn't completely sure if I was going to go through with the piercing; but I had told a few people what I was planning and they were expecting to see it the next day. So, after finding a needle that was a little larger than an 18 gauge, I filled a cup up with rubbing alcohol and let the jewelry and needle sit in there while I took a shower. Now, this is by no means a safe method of sterilization, and it is impossible to get a needle and jewelry completely sterile without an autoclave.

Anyway, I took the needle out of the cup of rubbing alcohol and hesitantly put it against the spot I had eyeballed to pierce. After reading experiences on here and how painless the whole thing was, I took a breath and shoved the needle through. People were right; there was absolutely no pain involved. However, the needle didn't want to go in any further (the tip was just poking out the other side) so I had to do a bit of pushing in order for it to slide through more. Keeping the needle in my mouth, I sat in my room for around twenty minutes. I knew that if I took the needle out right away I wouldn't be able to find the hole again. And let me tell you! Sitting with my mouth open and tongue up, I drooled more than I care to admit. So, if you are planning on doing this, make sure you have a towel or rag of some sort to soak up some of the spit.

I moved the needle around a bit, and then I finally slid it out. The hole was still hard to see, but I just had to put the ring against the webbing and move it around and it slid right into the hole. So now I had a piece of metal in there. Great, now for the balls. Holy hell. That was the most frustrating thing I have ever had to do. The first ball went on no problem. However, the second one took around fifteen minutes and a lot of cussing. I finally got it on, and was extremely satisfied with my new piercing. The entry and exit points were lined up nicely, and as far as I could see it was straight. The only thing I would have changed was the depth. It definitely could have been pierced a bit deeper.

Now, two days later, I have had no problems. At first there was a bit of discomfort, and if I moved my tongue certain ways there was mild pain. Nothing unbearable though. Eating is a bit of a challenge, so I try to avoid large pieces of food or sticky things. Speaking is no problem; I don't have a lisp or anything of the sort. The balls on my ring do click against my teeth when I say certain sounds, so I would recommend getting a curved barbell as jewelry.

All in all, I really would recommend this piercing to anyone wanting a pain free, easy piercing. I would not suggest self piercing yourself, as there are many risks involved. However, I also know that no amount of warnings will stop someone who is determined to do it.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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