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Center tongue - common but not when it's yours!

This my experience of getting my tongue pierced. I'll skip all of the details about how long I waited before getting it, and why I wanted it etc. Suffice it to say, it took me a long while to take the plunge.

The day arrived in July where I felt it was now or never. After a big lunch, I made my way to Perçage Esthétique in Montreal. Most of my piercings were done there, I really feel comfortable and in safe hands with them. The studio is always clean, the staff is nice and friendly and they really know their stuff.

I got here and both Betty and the other employee (memory fails me, I can't remember his name. Sorry!) were busy with clients. Betty said hi and told me that one of them would be right with me.

I looked at their selection of jewelry in the display, taking mention notes of what I'd like to get eventually. The boy-whose-name-i-can't-remember then came over and we talked about the whole procedure. He explained that the initial jewelry is a lot longer than I might expect to leave room for your tongue to swell while healing, and 2 weeks later I could come back to have in downsized.

He showed me 3 different 7/8" barbell. One was 12ga, one was 10ga and the third 8ga. After looking at them and him telling me that thicker doesn't mean more pain but more comfort in the end, I chose the 8ga. (and I am very happy with my choice, now that everything is healed).

Then I had to choose between Titanium and Stainless. I was told that titanium is lighter and in his experience the tongue swells less with the titanium barbell. It is more expensive, but all my piercings heal way better with titanium so I went with that in a blink.

I filled out the form and took my printed aftercare sheet and sat down to wait for my turn. Thankfully, It wasn't long before Jason called me in so I didn't have time to get too nervous. We chatted a bit as I sat down on the table/bed. He explained the aftercare one more time, which I was grateful for just because my nervous brain didn't retain everything that I had read beforehand. Then, he asked me to stick my tongue out.

He looked at my tongue for a while, from all angles, to see if it was possible to pierce it safely, and where exactly. He handed me a little cup of mouthwash so that I could rinse my mouth with half of it, the other half would be for after the piercing. I did and then sat back on the doctor style bed.

Jason asked me to stick my tongue out once more, dried it with a gauze pad and marked a spot for where the needle would go in. I checked the placement in the mirror and it was just perfect, so it was time for the needle.

This time, I lied down on the bed. I was getting more nervous, but at the same time I felt confident that I was in capable hands.

He put the clamp on my tongue, which was sort of uncomfortable especially on the underside of my tongue as I have a very short frenulum. Jason had the-boy-whose-name-i-can't-remember assist him by holding the clamps while he pierced and inserted jewelry. Jason got the needle ready and asked me to take deep breaths and pierced as I inhaled. It did hurt, but was not as bad as I expected, to be perfectly honest. He then inserted the jewelry, screwed the ball and took the clamps off. I was told I could put my tongue back in my mouth, and that I could slowly sit back up, and stay seated for a few second to make sure I wasn't feeling dizzy.

I felt fine, really. My tongue was a bit sore and it did feel weird having metal in my mouth. I didn't sound like I had just gotten my tongue pierced, which I was very happy about, I was a bit apprehensive that I'd get a lisp or something like that. I said thanks, gave Jason a tip and was on my way back home! I had a bottle of cold water with me to sip on my way home, until I could have some ice to keep my tongue to try and keep the swelling down.

If talking never was hard or awkward, the next meal was a challenge! Baiscally, I had to learn to eat with that long bar in your mouth. And it wasn't all that easy. The bar was getting in the way and I had to take very small bites, and chew on only one side of my mouth. I tried to have soft foods and a lot of liquid as it was easier to deal with.

The next day I could definitely tell that my tongue was swollen. Not to the point that it was uncomfortable, or painful, (thank goodness) but it's a good thing that barbell was as long as it was. Over the next few days I had iced water handy all the time and took some Motrin every 4 hours. After a week it felt like my tongue was back to normal proportions, but I still waited a full 2 weeks to get my barbell downsized.

The shorter barbell really really helped with eating. I know of lot of people keep that long initial jewelry, because they figure it's wasted money to get a whole other barbell. Personally, I think it really is worth the money. A barbell that is the right size makes eating a breeze, it's a million times more comfortable and you have a lot less change to damage your teeth or to bite down on the barbell by accident.

Now, about 4 months after the piercing I can happily say that I've had no trouble to report. My aftercare consisted of ice water and soft foods for the first few days, along with Motrin to help with the swelling. I also rinsed with Oral-B alcohol free mouthwash after meals or after "consistent" snacks (meaning that after having only water or a glass of juice I wouldn't rinse, but if I hate something I would).

I gradually reduced the mouthwash rinses as I don't like to use it normally. My piercing is now part of me and I don't even know it's there. The placement seem perfect, it doesn't bother my gums or teeth, which I am also very happy about.

My only advice to people wanting to get their tongue pierced (or any other oral piercing) is to make sure you go to a very good, reputable piercer. A poorly placed piercing could result in real trouble, and you don't want to mess with your teeth or health.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Jaser
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Location: Mtl

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