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Center tongue piercing at BodyMx Breda, The Netherlands

For some time now I had been thinking of getting a tongue piercing ever since I started noticing piercings more when stretching my lobes. It's sort of a facial piercing, but not in your face, and considering I work in health care (in peoples' homes, not a hospital) I wanted to not put my piercings too much in my clients views. They are mostly elderly, so I do want to take that into account a little.

I started out with reading experience stories here on BME, and they sure varied a lot! People writing about how it didn't hurt a bit, and people writing about it hurting like a bleep, and everything in between. It very much varied alright.

About a week ago I went in already to ask them various things. I need acrylic balls and a smaller one on the bottom to protect my teeth (I have had a lot of work done on them, so I need to watch that!). I also wanted to know what kind they were going to use, and all sorts of other questions that pop to mind when you are getting a piercing put in. Everything was answered to my liking, they really took their time for me and my (what seemed to me) silly questions.

I still hadn't made my decision though, but a few days ago I told a few friends, AND my dad (he didn't like it one bit hehe), and that was the point of no return for me. I had made an appointment for 11:30 but me being nervous thought it was at 10:30 so I arrived there well over an hour early. There was no problem at all though, as I soon heard my name.

I went in, told her I was hella nervous, and she laughed and said it would be easy as pie. This was the only piercing she could guarantee that it was the easiest one where pain was concerned. She proceeded explaining what all she would do, and then I could sit down and stick out my tongue. She marked it and I could check it out in the mirror. I told her I would like it a wee more back, but she said she wouldn't do that because it would be harder to heal and it would look like it was further back when in my mouth. I sucked in my tongue and checked again. I didn't know for certain, BUT I wanted my tongue piercing and no extra complications and told her to go ahead.

I was given a drool bowl, stuck out my tongue again and she sprayed the top and bottom with short working numbing spray. I sat there feeling silly drooling into that thing as she proceeded to explain every bit of aftercare to me, which was familiar already. No doing extra things to the tongue though, no brushing the piercing either, that will only aggravate it and prolong healing. Maybe that is for when the bar is replaced, forgot to ask.

I then was told to rinse with a mouthwash like stuff and then I stuck out my tongue yet again. She was just able to show me the clamp before I closed my eyes. It was done in a jiffy and I carefully put my tongue back in my mouth and was given a cup of cool water to drink up before I was allowed off the table. I checked it out and then noticed a tiny spot of blood on my chin. She accidentally hit me with the needle there, oops haha. Now I know she stuck it in top to bottom!

The bottom ball is situated right next to the tongue web, the top ball is perfectly in the middle and I am very comfortable with it. She used a 22mm (7/8") bar in it that I can come and have checked out a week from now and then maybe then it will already be changed for a shorter one. All depends, of course. I got a whole bag of goodies along with me. A flyer with all the info she gave me already, and a half a liter bottle of mouthwash (which I checked is simple saline solution, nothing fancy).

I just checked again in the mirror and it is sitting exactly how I like it! Don't trust the dot too much, it will always look to be a bit further back because it slants when you put your tongue in your mouth again. I haven't felt much yet, still nothing much. I feel it is in there, but that is it. The tongue feels a bit sore and is starting to feel a bit stiff but even that is nothing much. All in all: if you want one, go get one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Marjolijn
Studio: BodyMX
Location: Breda%2C+The+Netherlands

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