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When you crave it

Well I've been in to body mods for a long time now. I repeatedly pierce random parts of my body only to be told to take them out by my dearest parental units. They're in their 50's. So I'm one of those lame people who work for my high school's newspaper and I was writing an article on body piercing when I read some information about a piercing place in Seattle called Golden Body Rings.

Of course I went home and checked it out and every review said the guy was creepy so I put it off. Well a year later, (August 24th, 2008) I decided that I really wanted my tongue pierced, but I decided that this would best done professionally. So I emailed Kurt and told him that my mom wasn't going to come and he said that it was okay. So I went to my dads that weekend and frantically tried to find people to go with me. I finally got my friend Kayla to go because she wanted her belly button pierced.

ANYWHO.. 3 buses later we arrived. We rang the doorbell and laughed at the sign that defined patience and stated that, "For the best piercing experience please practice patience" So finally he opened the door and asked what we wanted done, I told him and he gave us two pieces of paper telling us exactly what we needed to do for aftercare. Then we picked out our jewelry. He started joking around with us which really calmed us down.. well calmed me down. Kayla kept talking about how nervous she was about getting her BELLY BUTTON PIERCED.. Ive had mine done 4 times [cross formation] so maybe I'm being harsh. He put some lavendar oil on her nose and told her to breathe in with the good and out with the bad. Odd but it worked.

He marked the spots and joked around about how she had a coochie belly button which was better than a crooked 'cat's ass' belly button. Kayla was pretty at ease but she still held my hand as he clamped her belly button. He got the needle ready and started to shove it through. Kaylas peircing turned out amazing it was perfectly straight, but it took a while for the needle to go through, probably because shes a cheerleader [funny huh? complete opposites and still friends] and she has some pretty hardcore stomach muscles.

FINALLY! it was my turn. I was pretty calm about it, which I was rather proud of. So he told me to make my tongue pointy and then lay it flat, he marked it. After he had me rinse with antibacterial listerine which made my tongue numb he had me lay down and clamped my tongue. He said, "Wow, you've got a lot of tongue, you must be popular" So I laughed and he had to replace the clamps. He didnt tell me when the needle would go through, probably because my eyes were shut and I already had a death grip on the table. He started to put it though when at that exact moment.. I opened my eyes.

I made a protesting noise but the needle was through. As odd as it sounds it hurt.. in a good way. I didnt even realize that he had put in the jewelry until he said, "Geez, put your tongue back into your mouth." I looked into the mirror and it was PERFECT perfectly straight and everything. I still couldnt really feel my tongue. So, I gave him $80.00 the piercing cost me 66 and took the bus home again. I couldnt help but stick out my tongue a lot, I didn't have a lisp yet which i was waiting for but.. it just didnt come. I was kind of disappointed that it didnt.

I called my dad to pick me up, for some reason my tongue didnt swell. I looked pretty special when I tried eating but the parents still havent noticed 4 weeks later. I used biotene mouthwash everytime after I ate and before bed. I get bored with my piercings so I tend to gauge them until I think theyre big enough. Currently I'm at a 10g. I swapped out my jewelry after just 4 days because I kept biting on the barbell and STILL there was no swelling at all. I'll tell you one thing though, it ached for the first 2 days so I was living on Blue raspberry artic rushs from Dairy Queen

I cant wait to go back to him to get my nape pierced.

One suggestion, make an appointment, he hates it when you dont care about his time.

So go to Kurt at Golden Body Rings, he will definately have you leave with a smile and a PERFECT body piercing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Kurt
Studio: Golden+Body+Rings
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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