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Shiny new venoms

Quite sore at the moment. They are slightly closer together because my veins sit in the exact place ideal venoms would go, but they are still fab.

Cost a bomb though. £70- literally two tongue piercings at £35 ea @ Tattoo Inc in Kettering, Northants. Got 'easy piercing mouth wash solution' inclusive with it though, so thats something I guess.

I was marked up, clamped and pierced before my brother had finished drawing out more cash for it - I expected something round the £50 mark. But nevermind. I love them!!
actually the more I look at them the more perfectly positioned they seem.

...ice pops now

8hrs later

Mega swollen now. Eat normally the piercer says... yeah right, cant move the food to the back to swallow or to the side to chew. Taken 20 mins to eat 5 bits of pasta.

Ok its been 8 hrs since getting it done and my tongue has swollen to take the whole of the bars, its not tight though. The bottom right almost hurts/ or is the most uncomfortable part but I'm thinking thats because its the exit point. He pierced my left side from the bottom and the right from the top.

So far all I've managed is 5 bits of pasta, half a yoghurt, small mug of slim fast and a small bowl of custard and have drank 5 bottles of water.

I could talk and twist my tongue as normal for about 4 hrs after having metal rammed through it but now using my tongue for anymore than general swallowing is really hard- not due to swelling but because its an open wound x2 and kinda hurts a little. Poor wee thing is tender.

Its not weird having metal in my mouth like I thought it would be. I cant feel them on the roof of my mouth despite all the swelling. I also can't take ibuprofen as I'm allergic to it so its up to my body to sort this out.

Am feeling a tiny bit bummed out because I've got a mouth full of tongue and I think the price is just mentally scarring me, discomfort just aint fun in any way shape or form. I like aftercare and stuff but swollen, tender tongues aren't going in my book of 'things I love.'

I can still talk and don't have a lisp. I sound bunged up if anything.

Have the dentist tomorrow so am expecting a lecture and severely disapproving mouth-prodding with various utensils to move the swollen mass out the way.

12 hrs Later

Almost 12 hrs old now and I'm getting use to the swelling and discomfort. Chilled water is a life saver. Also as soon as I rinsed my mouth with the mouth wash it felt tonnes better. Expecting not to be able to talk for a while tomorrow after 8hrs of sleep and not using my tongue.

I know it shouldnt matter (and I dont care too much as I still got them done) but peoples negative comments are such a smack in the face. Naturally my parents, even though I'm 23, are very disapproving and I know my boyfriend will openly be appalled when he sees them- but it doesn't bode well for ones esteem and excitement. I think its mean and inconsiderate to be so blatantly disapproving of someone's choice in such a frank and harsh manner. I don't scoff and dramatically rant about shoes my boyfriend wears that I don't like etc . Its not like i have my face tattooed with expletives.

I think I need to see a therapist...

20hrs old

Its almost a day old. I'm pleased to say I woke up and there was no agony. SS mouth washed it, had a smoothie for brekky and it actually feels better today. Not so angry at me.

Think the swelling might have gone down a little too as my mouth doesn't feel jam-packed.

It hurt for the first 10mins after I had talk straight from waking up without so much as a drink- but that quickly went and now its fine. Soup for dinner! Oh yeah- cancelled the dentist.

Only the front sides of my tongue are swollen now. I can talk almost normally accept my 'L's are little tender. Chewing is still too difficult but I don't feel half as bummed out... in fact my mood has lifted loads. I slept brilliantly and warm ss mouthwashes just make my tongue so so happy.

I also have an electric tooth brush which my tongue seems to appreciate. Feels so nice on the back of the tongue lol

Might add just now that there is NO WAY IN HELL I'd have them done over two sessions. Tongue discomfort sucks. One hit and get it over with. Don't traumatise your tongue twice- less you want an eating disorder and depression.

The tip of my tongue, or more the entire area before the piercing is a bit... numb sort of like how it feels when you burn it. I can still taste with that bit but it aint 'alf odd.

Day 3

I really wanna eat a burger but that just aint gonna happen for a while

I am eating the best I can and taking some industrial vit tablets too.

The swelling hasn't really gone down much more. Tongue is looking pretty gross this morning, bit white and groggy. Might cut to one antibacterial mouth rinse in place of two and carry on swilling with water etc and see how that goes.

Front tongue area still feels sore and burnt and the right side twinges occasionally. Think its a little bruised too. Have a sore throat and a lil cough developing which is nice- anything to hinder healing.

Mood wise the discomfort is still a day 'ruiner', can't wait for the swelling to go. I'm now convinced the piercings are not parallel- but naturally I'll wait for the swelling to go before I get officially upset over that.

Been casually reading over a few more peeps experiences on BME (thats the body mods site not the pcc site who are suing them) and quite a few people say the clamping will forever haunt them... well I thought they were quite comfy from what I can remember. No attempt to punch a clamp shape was made. He just firmly clamped. I haven't had any bleeding and have yet to see lymph. Ummm No agony again, just a bit of pain as my tongue flexes for the first time after 8hrs. Erm... thats it really.

..puree burger?

Day 3 and a half

Tongue is still gross. I'm assuming its normal so nothing to worry about, poss' over cleaning the first 2 days. Gross means furry looking and ick... not like green and pussy.

The left piercing hurt like a bitch earlier. Not sure if some lymph caught and snagged or something but it really wasn't a pleasant sensation. In all seriousness had I of known the healing would be so miserable I don't think I'd have got them done, but reading other peoples experiences isnt really enough to appreciate. You have to do it yourself to find out why it's so depressing.

I do still like them though and know when the swelling subsides and the lil twinges die off everything will be fine (and my boyfriend finally finds out and comes to term with them).

Today I managed to chew up a bit of macaroni and cheese, tiny bits of pizza and had my mashed hot dogs- that actually were quite nice, note to self not to eat mustard again for a while though. Stings.

At the moment ice water is my life line. Fortunately I'm a student with 2 essays to do for christmas so have plenty of time to chill out and heal as well as be able to have to hand iced water. Don't think it would be wise to get venoms if you cannot nurse them properly at all- these arent piercings you can just forget about and litha, they make sure you remember they are there. The swelling is depressing, the pain is sharp when you get it and the fact you sound a little bit dim when you talk just doesn't make for a nice happy, sociable person.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a slight reduction in swelling. I find the tongue swells up more towards this time (9pm) making eating and taking just not worth the effort.

Might just get my electric tooth brush and buzz my tongue for a bit, see if we can de-gross it before bed.

.. its nearing midnight, soon be on to day four. It just occurred to me also whilst reading others diaries that they were in a lot of pain when they woke up etc or had to pop painkillers and Anti-inflammatory. I've not experienced pain worse enough or long enough (couple mins max) to need to take anything- apart from after the mustard incident and even then extra help wasn't needed, just a lot of water.

But eating spicy foods and stuff is easily solved by chewing a tiny bit and helping it down with iced water. Its also mega annoying that little bits of food seem to cling to the bars, or managed to stick right in between the two piercings so you cant get to it or swallow it- water water water. Drink with your meals and they will go a lot smoother... but not quick alas.

I think the lack of pain killers and the fact I can't take any ibuprofen etc is good as my body can sort this out on its todd, but even with the start of the initial piercing its been pretty painless.

It seems my left piercing is the one thats gonna play up the most. first pierced and done bottom up. The top is sore all around it, so so so tender. and that half is bit more swollen than the right. Cannot wait till next Tuesday- hopefully say goodbye to the swelling and hello to downsized bars.

Oh and I told my boyriend. He was ok with it. Just annoyed as my snug hasnt fully healed and its extra stress on my immune system (I have M.E) but aside that no problems. So thats cheered me up a bit.

Day 4

Oggy oggy oggy....

4th day, swelling pretty much the same. Woke up with a naturally not so wet tongue hence the tiny, short lived pain of it waking up. Still groggy (white and furry).

Front area doesn't feel so 'burnt' today just a tiny bit numbish. I can flex Ms Tongue a little more as well so perhaps the swelling has gone down a tad. I can't remember what it feels like to have a normal sized tongue or a tongue without teeth imprinted on the sides... or one thats not gross and white for that matter.

I know I'll be able to dexterously move my tongue around when its all healed up as I could still roll my tongue and stuff 4hrs previous to the swelling so thats k-e-w-l.

Mood wise- about the same. Once I get talking at length my tongue will get a grip and the uncomfortable feeling wont bother me so much.

Mt 'L's aren't tender anymore, aside come the evening when it swells up a little more. Its just my 'T's and 'D's now because of the tongue clumsily fumbling the roof of my mouth to say them.

So - so far:- • They can be uber expensive • They will make you feel depressive • You might or might not require the aid of painkillers etc • Iced water is a godsends • You will have nasty breath and a gross white tongue for a while • You'll sound like you have a cold when you talk • Eating is ok as long as its tiny bits and chewed on the back molars • Decent sleep helps lift your mood (surprise!) • The piercing clamps didn't hurt me • They are not something to get done on a whim • They are not something to get done if you cannot have iced water/ aftercare stuff on tap 24/7 • Cleaning to much is easily done- I was told up to 3 times a day with the 'easy piercing mouth wash'. I scrapped that day 3 and just used a weak SSS. • Sipping water throughout meals really helps • You learn to appreciate how much you rely on your tongue for so much - swallowing, talking, chewing, coughing, sneezing even straining to pick something up etc • You suddenly have an urge to eat thick steaks and fat-ass burgers.

Day 4 and a half

Starting to think those with healed venoms should get an award or something for perseverance or at least a little badge. And to think I was toying with the idea of double venoms*... NO WAY SIR.

(* that was way before getting these done... or even getting 3 centers, pfffft got to be kidding!- hats off to those with more than 2 tongue piercings! Not that one piercing isn't amazingly well coped with but you get me drift.)

Day 4 and 3 quarters

Oooooh my gawd its soooo itchy.

All of a sudden its started to itch. Seriously now, they are getting on me tits. I'm a bit hungry which doesn't help but there 'aint nowt' in the house till I do a shop tomorrow. Its still swollen, still mank, still indented with my entire mouth full of teeth and now, now its itching. My tongue just feels like its begging me to take the bars out. BUT there is a god because I managed to find some marshmallows, so they will see me through the hunger and the horrid itchy feeling. I'm also sick to death of drinking water. Starting to hurt my stomach drinking iced water- I aint drinking gallons maybe 5 glasses a day maybe a few more. Going to have to suppliment my diet with some sodium I think before I die. Miserable evening lol, think this is the most rubbishyish moment so far.

Its ok though folks- its just healing .o0(heal quicker damn it) Day 1- Uber swelling, no talking and eating sucks Day 2- Tongue goes mank, swelling a tiny tiny tiny bit better, tender, eating sucks Day 3- Tongue still mank and swollen and eating still sucks, produce more saliva Day 4- Kinda itchy, mank, swollen, eating just makes you want to cry Day 5- Praying the swelling will start to go down just a lil bit... PLEASE!

Day 5

Hello day 5 and hello swelling.

I guess technically its day 4 however. Punctured Tuesday so its day 4 today...swelling of the tongue affects the brain.

Saying that I can bend my tongue so much more than I could yesterday it just doesnt visibly look less swollen. But its pierced a good cm and a half ish away from the tip and the further back its pierced the more and longer it swells. Still got the itch every now and again and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from Wagamamas.

Also woke up with my not-remotely-tight snug's ball squidging into the ear so I'm off to buy some 4mms for that. Think I've indirectly slightly stretched my snug.

I have 3 days left before my piercer was planning to change the bars down- we'll see. I doubt its gonna happen.

Q- Does my tongue look fat in this?


Day 5 and 3 quarters

Ugh I want a normal tongue and a burger.

I bet food will taste amazing once this is all healed, on the basis that you whack the tiny bits of food straight on your molars and only taste it on the back 3rd of the tongue. That and taste is mostly down to smell and you're ripping up tiny bits of food and practically swallowing them whole so you don't even get the benefit of smell.

mmmm burger

Day 6

Worry not peeps!

I am eating fine, just grouchy and meh as the swelling is a bum. I do not drink and I do not smoke. Most fruit juices and smoothies are also overly high in sugar and naturally acidic, which at this stage I don't want near me tongue as it 'urts!!!

I'm eating sarnies, steamed veg, veggie burgers, scrambled egg, soups, bangers and mash etc It just takes a life time to eat them. I'm also taking some industrial strength vitamin complete tablets with emphasis on vitB et A-C complexes and magnesium to aid in healing, cell renewal and immune boosting. I'm not sure I would recommend meal replacement shakes whilst healing 2 wounds on the basis of reduced calorie intake and empty calories. Don't want to be messing with my blood sugar at this stage its better to eat a bowl of what ever you like to eat over 2hrs than synthesized, high sugar drinkies- more so if you have CFS/ ME or Fibro.

Also am drinking 5 x 0.50cl of water a day or 2.5Litres, one bottle being sparkling to make a change, scratch my tongue for me lol and to add a bit more potassium to my diet.

The swelling has gone down!! Hurray. It still is a bit 'painful' or more of a dull acheyness when I wake up. I'm not sure I'll be able to downsize tomorrow though. Think it might be a 10 day jobby before that's realistic.

The grossness is under control, the breath is still a killer. My tongue flexes a hell of a lot better but I still cannot roll it.

The right piercing is now playing up more and yeah the bitch is still itchy. I dont appear to have a gob full of spit anymore either so the glands must have chilled out at last.

Erm... what else what else...oh yeah- the right is pierced more at an angle due to me veins, the left is straight. Though the tops have been pierced at the same point of entry as marked up, the angle causes the right piercing to lean and thats why it look uneven to me, more so as the swelling dramatizes it.

Ok- brekky time. Toasted muffin! yeah.

Day 7

Well its the supposed downsize day and I'm not so sure. haven't gone in yet, only just got up.

The right side still twinges and aches, starting to get a bit of scarring/ buildup round the bottom of the right one too, might explain why its a little more tender. In the mirror with my tongue relaxed it still looks swollen, if I flatten my tongue its gone down and you can see a fair amount of the bar, I can just about roll it and move/ flex it fine- though I still think it needs a few more days.

I've swilled and lovingly cleaned and checked round the bottom of the right offending piercing and as long as I dont catch it at a funny angle its dandy.

Still a tiny bit gross too. Was a lot lot easier to eat this morning though- just difficult because there are two balls and bars in the way (and the right one hurts a tad). I'm too tired really to go into town today to get it checked and possibly downsized.

Might wait and see what happens between now and Friday because my tongue is not flat and even yet.

Day 8

Not sure what to do about them not being level. They just don't look even to me.

They really aren't. It also doesnt help that the right one it pierced on an angle. I'm hoping that once they are downsized the shorter length will pull them more inline and not emphasize the difference.

I'm in two minds about it. I paid £70- I could take the right one out, let it heal up and ask for it to be re-pierced, at no extra cost. Or just live with it. But what is the point in venoms if they are not level? I'm not majorly bummed out about it at the moment as I'm optimistic something can be done or at least should be done to rectify it, but I will be very upset if I end up having to pay out even more to do something.

They look straight in the initial picture because the bottom of the bar was pressed against my teeth which lined them up. But now the swelling is almost gone you can easily see the right one is set back more.

Think I'll pop in today and ask him about it. Surely if he was a decent piercer he would be upset about it and WANT to do something about it...right?

Aside that the manks almost gone, they hardly hurt at all. Just the odd ache here and there. Swellings almost gone, eating is a piece of piss bar the bars being in the way.

Day 8 and a half

ok well its only a tiny tiny tiny bit out and made worse by the angle. However with my now DOWNSIZED BARS (boo yah) its hardly noticeable at all.

The balls must be 8mm or something they are monstrous. Will need to get smaller ones for the bottoms at least as my L's clip my teeth.

I speak perfectly normal now, and even bit into a sarnie. Huzzah. I have a tiny lisp but so would you if you have 2 uber balls in your gob.

'Kin love them!!!


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