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Easy as pie tongue piercing

 Tongue piercings were still somewhat new and people looked at people who were pierced as though they were freaks and that they were just young and dumb.  I did not care what people thought and I wanted to have a memory from Springbreak that would always be with me and that I would remember forever.  I decided that I would get my tongue pierced while I was in California to commemorate my first Springbreak of college.  I knew that my parents would hate it and that all of my friends would love it.  My parents would freak out and think that I was rebelling and all of my friends would think that it was cool and want to get it done as well.

Springbreak 2000 I decided that I was going to have my tongue pierced. I was so scared though because I had heard so many horror stories and old wives tales that I was petrified that I was going to lose all feeling in my tongue and not be able to talk or that they would hit a nerve and I would be paralyzed. I finally found a place in Uma, California and decided that I was going to do it.

I walked into the tattoo and piercing parlor and said that I wanted to get my tongue pierced. To my surprise the lady who was going to be piercing me was almost 9 months pregnant. In some way it set my mind at ease to think that she would be doing it. I am not sure if it was just the essence of a "mother" and that she would make sure that nothing happened to me but I was set at ease. She took me to a back room and had me hop up on a table. She stood between my legs and I swear that I felt the baby kick me that was inside of her. She had me breathe as though doing lamaze and it was painless. I did not even realize that she was all done until she said... check it out. I was so excited and could not wait to show it off. It was the beginning of my new life and also a start of my rebelling. It was proof that I was a grown up and that I was out on my own. It represented all of the things that I was going to do with my life and all that I wanted to do. It was the thing t hat no one could take away from me and the idea of being free from the demands of school, family and society. It was my individuality that would make me feel as though I was growing up and that I was ruling my own life.

It was a great experience and I was not nervous at all because she was so soothing and pleasant. It was more like having my mother doing it rather than a stranger because she was carrying another life inside of her so I figured that she would not let anything happen to me.

As soon as it was all over I felt great. I could still talk, walk, and everything that I was so petrified of going wrong. Of course I could only eat mashed potatoes for awhile but heck that was not a problem at all.

I have had many piercings and tattoos but this was the most pleasant experience and I believe that it was the woman who did it who made it so wonderful rather than painful.

I loved my piercing and of course I had to show anyone that would look. I believed that it was a new beginning for me and that it showed my independence. It was ultimately painless, until we went to a club shortly after returning from Springbreak. It was on campus and I was underage so they stamped my hand to show that I was not to be served. I went to lick off the stamp like we always would when major pain shot through my body. My tongue was not healed and I had forgot that it was there. I screamed and then ended up having to go to the bathroom to wash the under 21 stamp off of my hand. That taught me alway to remember my piercing before doing something stupid like that.

My tongue piercing of course was used for "pleasurable things" but it could not be done for several weeks. The weeks of waiting because of the fear of infection and all of that kept me from doing anything. I still have my piercing and every time I look at it I remember California, college and my new beginning. Now I am a mom and a wife but I will always have college, rebellion and my new beginning.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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