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Third times a charm

Well after months, maybe even years, I finally got up the courage to get my tongue pierced. At 33 yrs old, I decided it was now or never!

I drove up to a reputable tattoo shop in my town and spoke with the piercing apprentice. I told her I was thinking about getting it done, but I was VERY nervous. She told me if I wanted to do it, it's not to dwell and make myself so nervous, just do it. I agreed, signed the papers and I was on my way.

I had done some research, watched a ton of videos online about getting it done, so I felt I knew what to expect...except the butterflies in my stomach. The piercer looked at my tongue marked me and put on my "bib". I warned her I was a fainter and she said not to worry cause she has had big tough men feel faint. That made me feel better. She had me swish with Listerine and spit it out. She clamped my tongue and told me to take a deep breath, she'd count to 3, and when she got to 3, exhale. So I did, ..1, 2, 3..she told me the piercing was already done and all she needed to do was put in the barbell. And suprisingly that was it. Didn't really hurt, was a strange feeling, not one you can really describe. Not painless, but not painfull either. I did feel a bit warm so I layed back on the table and she got me a small cup of cold water. I sat up, looked in the mirror and I loved it! It's like a little suprise in your mouth! :) I thanked the piercer and she gave me care
instructions and gave me her card and said to call if I had any questions or problems.

I had virtually no pain or swelling. Drank cold stuff, ate ice cream, and got very sick of mouthwash. I soon realized it was very strange to have something in your mouth all the time that you're not supposed to swallow. I read up on all the healing stuff again on the internet and discovered things I hadn't before, like the piercing is going to drain...yucky! No one mentioned that fun fact to me. But as long as it's normal than I'll deal with it.

Things were going great..healing wise and swelling wise... My speech on the otherhand was horrible. I have a short tongue and the barbell was physically preventing my tongue from making the "th" sound in words like "the" and since my name has a "th" sound in it and my job requires me to answer alot of phone calls, after 4 days, I sadly took it out.

A few months later, I still missed having a tongue piercing. So I went back and explained my speech problem and asked her if it could be done further back on my tongue. She looked at it and said it could be done. Back once again in the piercing room and the butterflies started again. Not sure why..I'd been through this already and it's not bad. The piercer clamped my tongue and told me to pierce it further back, she'd have to twist my tongue to the side. 1, 2, 3, and IT HURT THIS TIME. Unfortunately, the clamps slipped while piercing and it went through crooked! Perfect on top, WAY OFF on the bottom. The piercer apologized and said if I didn't keep it, let it heal and she'd redo it for free. That night, it came out! The bottom of my tongue HURT!

I let it heal for 2 weeks and with the piercer and her mentor, the third time was the charm. She joked that I have been through this enough that I could probably do it myself by now! I had no butterflies at all this time. Because of my short tongue it was done further back than the first time, further back on the top, and just a smidge further back underneath. No pain, no swelling, and best of all, I can speak properly! The only issue I've had is that after a month it is STILL producing lymph. I was concerned and called the piercer and she was alittle suprised it was still draining but said that given it was the third time over, it may take a little longer that normal to heal.

It's been about a month and a half now and things look great. I switched to a 5/8" bar but it seemed a bit too snug, and the 3/4" inch is ok but long. I ordered a 11/16" bar online and hopefully that will be the perfect length. I love having my tongue pierced. I love that little suprise in my mouth!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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