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Snake eyes Take 2

Okay, I had gotten my Industrial Bar done in July at the infamous John's Tattoo Shop in Islip, Long Island and since then I had been wanting for another piercing. So I searched around the web looking for different piercings instead of something someone else in school would have, and I came across surface piercings. They seemed pretty sick but as I read on, healing and taking care of it would've been a pain in mine. So I kept looking. One of my girls had the snake eyes done and they looked so cute on her! So that was it, what I wanted, the snake eyes. Since I was only 16, I couldn't get it done without a notary, and I couldn't get a notary without my mom asking what it was for. So I took one of her IDs, printed out a notary form and went to the local funeral homes and got the notary x) That night I went to Johns with my bestfriend, showed my and my mothers ID with the notary and went in the piercing room with John (the piercer) He had thought I was getting snake bites (piercing on each side of bottom lip) and when I explained to him that the snake eyes was actually ONE bar going thru the tip of the tongue he said he couldn't do it. He said that it was a rather new piercing to just breakout and it had it's down sides like losing taste buds or rejection etc. But I was determined. So the next day we went to another shop, House Of Colour, on main street in Bay Shore and they said they would do the piercing! The dude said he was familiar with the piercing, but had only done 30 since it was so "new." So I went in, filled the paperwork and went up into the piercing room. He showed me the bar he was gonna use and it seemed rather large compared to my friends bar. He said it was a regular bar they use to pierce tongues with, a 14gauge. So I figured he must've known what he was doing, boy was I wrong. The marks he made on my tongue were too far back for my liking. I had wanted it done at the very tip of my tongue, but he said that wasn't possible because eventually the bar would reject out. But he moved the marks a little further up, closer to the tip. My bestfriend stood there holding my hand as I sat there with my tongue hanging out. As soon as he clamped it, I felt a rush through my veins and instantly tightened up my body and crossed my legs. He told me to take a deep breath and in it went. It wasn't bad at all! The clamp felt worse than the needle going through. I barely felt it go through the middle of my tongue. He took a picture of it and explained how to care for it. I paid, tipped and was out. On my way home I stopped to get a Slurpee to stop the swelling and a huge bottle of Listerine, for obvious purposes. and headed home =) I didn't want my mother to see it just yet so I tried my best to avoid her for as long as I could. It was so hard to hide. My speech was horrible. The biggest lisp I have ever heard. I kept ice in my mouth the whole day. The next day, my mom saw, well heard it and demanded me to take it out. I didn't. She stopped nagging me after she realized I wouldn't. I kept icing and rinsing and it wasn't getting any better. Eating was the worst. In school, eating was just something I stopped doing because it hurt so bad. It had been 4 days and it hadn't gotten any better. The bar sat uncomfortably in my mouth, with the large balls resting on a tooth on either side of my mouth. I felt horrible and my tongue was huge. On the 5th day I got so sick of dealing with it so I had my mom help me take it out. I slowly slid the bar out from my tongue. I hadn't even taken it out all the way when blood started pouring out. I leaned over the sink for the 3 minutes my tongue was gushing blood and kept
spitting. It closed really really fast. I rinsed, went to the kitchen and grabbed a steak =D I was really upset that I had to take it out though so I waited a month until I would try again. Out in Queens you can get a piercing on the Ave.(Jamaica Ave.) with a 16 year old ID. Perfect. I was 16 and Queens was just a half hour drive from where I lived. So I headed out to Queens with my girls and walked down the Ave. passing 8643 different Tattoo and Ink shops and finally settled on Big Fish, a tattoo shop behind a shoe store. Didn't look promising, but I had heard they do good work. I asked if they would do the piercing and the said no. One of the dudes that worked there said he had the piercing, but it got infected so many times within the 3 month time period he had it, he decided to take it out and didn't recommend it. I didn't care. We went into another shop literally across the street and asked there. They said they would do it =) The lady at the front desk asked for my ID and the money up front ($45.) I walked into the back with my bestfriend and began asking questions when I realized she was the piercer. She looked fairly young, and had absolutely no visible tattoos or piercings for that matter. She answered all the questions to which I already knew the answers and pulled out the bar she was going to use. It was a 16guage curved bar used for eyebrow piercings. She made marks on my tongue exactly where I wanted them, right at the tip of my tongue. By that time, I already had an audience staring at me through the glass window. When she clamped my tongue, I figured it wouldn't hurt at all, being that the large bar that was put through my tongue didn't hurt at all. Man was I wrong. I grabbed my bestfriends hand and as soon as the needle touched the tip of my tongue, I squeezed. HARD. It was unlike any pain I had ever felt before and I felt like it lasted forever. Tears started rushing down my face though my eyes were tightly shut. I wiped them away, needle still in mouth and opened my eyes. The rest was cake. She screwed the balls on and said I could change them to smaller balls in 2 weeks. cool cool. I LOVED it. They sat a little shorter than an inch apart at the edge of my tongue. I iced for about 4 days and the swelling went down really really fast and I rinsed at least 3 times a day and after ever meal. MEALS, I could eat, and I still had all my taste buds! Awesome =) It felt so much better than the previous bar, which was way to big for my mouth. My mom didn't bug out much this time because I spoke much more clearer, barely with a lisp at all. Since then, I changed the balls into smaller 16g balls and rinse only twice a day(morning and night.) You can see them when I say anything with a T or an L or when I lick my lips ;) just kidding. I love to show it off and wouldn't trade it for any other piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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