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Self-Repiercing Tongue

I've been looking on different sites, mainly BME, for stories about repiercing your own tongue. I was unable to find anything about self-REpiercing, so I decided I would just do it and share my story in case anyone else was considering this.

I had my tongue pierced about 8 months ago, but had to take it out 5 months ago because someone snitched on me for it. You see, in the Marine Corps, or any other branch of US Military for that matter, any body piercing on a male is unauthorized and therefore illegal to have.

I loved my tongue piercing. The first time I had it pierced, there was minimal pain but pretty bad swelling, so I was unable to eat very successfully for a few days. I knew my speech would be impaired so I acted like I lost my voice at a concert so I didn't have to speak for about a week and risk getting caught. When I had to take it out, I was miserable. I felt naked. I'm pretty inked up, but my tongue was my only piercing. Ever since I was forced to take it out I've been yearning to get it back.

I will be getting out of the military within the next few weeks, but I didn't feel like waiting anymore. I wasn't too excited about spending more money to get it repierced at a studio either. If it wasn't previously pierced I would've definitely gone to a piercing artist, but since there was scar tissue I figured I could do it myself.

I decided I was gonna do it. I got one of my old 5/8" 14g bars (Only size I could find) and soaked it in Listerine for about an hour after washing it with anti-bacterial soap. I set up my own little piercing booth on the sink counter in my barracks room. I sprayed a ton of Lysol on the counter and let it sit for a minute, then wiped it off to make sure there wasn't any lingering bacteria. I put on a pair of piercing/tattoo gloves and laid out toilet paper on the counter. I placed the bowl of Listerine on the toilet paper and prepared myself for what I was going to do.

I changed my gloves and began my adventure. I started from the bottom of my tongue, because there was a visible scar tissue bubble from the previous piercing. I just started pushing and twisting the bar into the old hole, but couldn't seem to get very far. I decided to try it from the top. I rolled the arteries in my tongue around and pushed them to opposite sides the way my original piercing artist did so I wouldn't hit an artery. My main fear was hitting the arteries.

The top was a lot easier to repierce. I did the same thing, pushing and twisting the bar into the old hole. I got about halfway through my tongue when it wouldn't go any further. I spent about a half hour going from top to bottom, trying to work my way through the scar tissue. No luck.

I searched for a sewing needle for about 10 minutes and finally found one. I whipped out my handy dandy lighter and my Gerber (to hold the needle without burning my fingers off) and held the needle in the flame for about 5 minutes, sanitizing it as best I could. I cooled it by submersing it in the bowl of Listerine, which I figured would also help sanitize it.

Back to work. I started at the bottom again and worked the needle through the scar bubble. I worked the needle up my tongue, guiding it to my top hole with my fingers. I found heavy resistance in a couple spots, but a few quick jerks and firm pressure got me right through. I finally saw the needlepoint poking a bit out of my top hole. I was psyched. I pushed it through and found myself with a pierced tongue again. Unfortunately, this piercing was like a 22 gauge. I needed to fit my 14 gauge bar.

I began working the needle in circles, attempting to widen out the old path. I didn't really think it was working to well after about 10 minutes of fiddling, but I noticed the needle didn't have an eye, it had a head like a nail. Brilliant or not so brilliant idea. I thought it was brilliant, personally. I yanked the needle out from the top, causing the head of the needle to widen the hole. I immediately put the bard in the bottom hole and pushed as hard and smooth as I could. There was some resistance, but I felt it pop through the scar tissue and it came right through. I was amazed it worked and screwed on the balls.

Pain was minimal, it was more like soreness. Like a bruise someone keeps poking. I haven't swelled much at all, and I pierced it last night. I still have the 5/8" bar in and have plenty of room. I drooled a hell of a lot, but that's kind of expected.

Well, that was my self-piercing experience. I hope it helps or informs anyone who needs it. Thanks for reading and supporting BME!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Me
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