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New Venoms - Don't Jump...

Ok so here it goes.. first off, I got the center of my tongue pierced when I was 15, (self done, with a dry wall nail & mouth wash & bare hands..DON'T TRY AT HOME! ) but thats another story, today I'm going to tell you about my venoms ( two piercings, one on each side of the tongue )..

I went to Enchanted Dragon, located in Arnold Missouri, just browsing for another tattoo really.. Then the piercer asked if she could help me.. I thought for a moment & got the wild idea to say yah.. I'd like to get a piercing!

I was making my mind up between getting both of my nipples pierced or my tongue again.. & Kadesh said " I love doing the off-center tongue piercings, I'll knock off ten dollars " so I'm thinking.. right on, it's usally $80 so that's cool & I really don't want to flash this chick anyways..

Well, I got told, by my brother, boyfriend & my mom, to just save my money until next paycheck so I would have a lot more money to spend on a tattoo that is bigger & better! ( I need a cover up - i got some chicks initials on my arm when I was 18, bad choice! ha ha )but I just couldn't help myself wanting another piercing.

I waited for a while, watched someone get his lip pierced, he had to lay back for a bit & a chick got her tongue pierced too - finally - it was my turn.

Now, like I said before, I already have my tongue pierced once in the center, I never had a professional piercing before, my labrea, my snake bites, my ears, my nose, eyebrow & my tongue.. all done by me - so I'm a little nervouse, I sit down, she explains whats going on, I rinse my mouth out & then I hold my tongue out she looks at it to see my veins underneath & tells me they ( my venoms ) are going to be a little off (slanted).

So then she dabbs my tongue because of spit & drool, hands me a paper towel to place under my chin then she places the dots on. Well, the first one wasn't to bad,she was awesome by letting me know the needle was through - then again to let me know the barbell was in.

I did jump a bit, but it was fast & quick, I think what gets you is just the quick pressure of it all, the sticking the jewelry part in sucked the most, but nothing one couldn't handle..

Then I just sucked it up & had her do the other side, this one just didn't feel right from the start, i just got a weird feeling about it & i knew it was going to hurt a little more. She dabbed my tongue again because I had to stick it back in my mouth for a second just to catch my breath, then she popped it in & I REALLY jumped this time,(my eye watered for this one, & I started to breath heavier & faster.. ) so the one on the right side (the second one Kadesh pierced) is just a little off.. my fault, not hers, its fine.. St Happens! ha ha

So after all, a professional piercing wasn't that bad, honestly, I think I made it sound a little worse, not sure.. the waiting part is the part that sucks the most I believe.. your heart races & thoughts go through your head, as in - is this going to hurt - is it going to be fast - I wounder if I can just walk out of here,.. but it's all good, just take a few deep breaths & don't even think about it, soon enough it will all be over & you can carry on with your day.

I wanted my venoms to be a little further back, but it's ok, my three barbells go in one straight line... I'll get used to it though.. my tongue is hurting & is starting to swell, & I'm talking a little funny.. but I got some ice cold water & it feels GOOD! I honestly just got home after getting pierced to write this.. fun fun!

Now I am waiting for my brother & my boyfriend to come back home, because I promised them I wouldn't waste my money on a tattoo right now & that I would wait... I never said nothing about getting a piercing.. or two.. ha ha ha.. the only sad part of it all is, my boyfriend doesn't like piercings, he took out his earrings & labrea, & I have been leaving my eyebrow, & nose out ( my snake bites closed.. ) for him, so it's going to be a big surprise seeing three balls, instead of just one, in my mouth for him.. Oh, Wish me luck please!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Kadesh
Studio: Enchanted+Dragon
Location: Arnold+Mo%2C+63010

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