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glad I had it done

On Friday the 15th of August 2008, I decided to get my tongue pierced. I've wanted it done for a long time but could not persuade my mother to let me have it done. Most of the girls in work with me have got it done and I asked a lot of questions, that was then I decided I wanted it done for definite. After long arguments with my mother she finally let me have it done. I decided to have a big meal before I went in knowing after long nights of research on the internet that I will not be able to eat solid food for at least 2 weeks. (Lucky Burger King was opposite, ha-ha). I smoked what I could and made sure to suck on loads of ice and had a big meal before I went in just in case. One of my friends wanted to came in with me but I warned her if she made me laugh she's out. My boyfriend and my friend who came in with me both was going to have it done with me but they both chickened out last minute which made me even more determined to get it done.

I went into the studio a told them I wanted my tongue pierced, the lady was very nice and asked me to sign something in case anything goes wrong and I picked my bar colour and was lead up to the piercing parlour. I sat there for a while amongst very nervous people, the girl next who said she was very nervous to have her piercing but I supported her because I recently had my navel pierced in the same place. The studio seems I nice place, very emo and goth like, but I liked it. They had a range of bars and piercings, which I picked the multicoloured bar. But then realised the pink was in the middle where it can't be seen, gutted!

It was my turn now. I went into the room which was absolutely spotless. He introduced himself as Adam and showed me the certificates he had to prove he was a qualified piercer. He was lovely, very trendy and polite. He had many piercing himself which me being nosy asked about. He made sure I was comfortable and relaxed first which made me much better. I was then told about what he was going to do and how it might feel for me (because I am a wimp when it comes to pain). I sat down on the bench while he got his things together, e.g. the bar, tools, gloves etc... First he wiped my tongue down then clamped it, decided where the piercing was going to go and before you know it the needle went through with the plastic covering and the bar was inserted and he took the plastic covering off. I didn't feel a thing, not a sausage! Totally painless. He went through the after care with me then that I won't be able to eat properly for a while, to suck on ice cubes to reduce the swelling and t o wash my mouth out when I smoke, drink alcohol or eat and to bathe it in a salt solution. I was bleeding a bit but after a while of sucking on loads of ice it stopped. When I asked him about it he said it was a normal thing that happens.

For the last 48 hours I sounded like a right idiot because I couldn't speak properly and everyone was taking the mick out of me. The swelling was the worse part of it because I couldn't eat, talk properly or move my tongue that much. Cleaning my tongue was just as hard because I had to be careful not to catch the piercing or cause trauma to it. I was a bit cheeky and tried a baguette but it kept on getting caught in my bar so that went out the window with the £3.50 I spend. Good job I had 4 days off work or I would have been even more buggered. The last couple of days I was drinking creamed soup, sucking on ice lollies and ice and starved most the time because I love my food. I did have to take some sort of painkiller before I went to bed to ease the pain.

It has been a week now and I can't even feel my piercing. The swelling has completely gone down, it not painful anymore and guess what, I can speak!!!! Mwahahahaha! However, when I got home, even though my mother said I could have it done, she still went mad on my, mothers! My dad thinks I'm nuts and my brother thinks it's cool. But this was the best thing I've ever had done I would recommend it to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: adam
Studio: blue+banana
Location: swansea%2C+south+wales+uk

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