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First piercing a success!

OK, let me start off by saying that Ive wanted this piercing for probably about 3-4 years before I actually was able to go do it. For one, I didn't know much about tongue piercings or piercings in general most of that time and I'm not a person to just jump into something like that. So it was coming up on my 18th birthday and I started looking into piercing more and more seeing as my parents would never let me get something pierced so I had to wait. Originally I wanted to get double off center tongue piercings (Ive also heard of them called "venoms") I looked more and more into them and they grew on my more and more until one day a few days after my 18th birthday I was talking to my brother and we decided to just go right then and I would get it done.

I walked into the shop already almost shaking from being nervous and the fact that I don't like needles and I was about to have one shoved through my tongue. I was greeted at the door by Matt, the guy who was going to be doing my piercing and I told him that I wanted to have my venoms done. He just looked at me and said probably not... he asked me to stick out my tongue and move it around in a few different ways while he looked at it and explained to me that I have veins running through my tongue right in the way of where the venoms would go. Well I didn't want to walk out of there with nothing so I decided to just go with the single center piercing instead. I have always liked them I just liked venoms a bit better. He gave me some papers to sign he checked my I.D then he handed me a sheet of paper on aftercare and talked to me a bit about it before telling me to go into the back room whenever I was ready. 

This is the part where I would normally start freaking out about the fact that a needle was about to go through my tongue. I don't know if it was because my brother was standing there watching it get done and my not wanting to seem like a wuss, or what but I was very calm through the whole session. He had me rinse my mouth out with this awful tasting mouthwash or something, I'm assuming it was to clean the tongue but it tasted terrible and he had me do it a few times.  After that he had me stick out my tongue again so that he could mark it with that purple pen after looking at it a few times he asked me if I was ready, whew this is when I started getting a little nervous but still not half as bad as I had expected myself to be. Out came the clamps, Ive heard from many many people with many different piercings and they all said that the clamps were the worst part let me tell you, I did not find this true at all, to me it was just a pressure on my tongue that kinda just felt l

ike someone had grabbed it. Not all that painful just annoying. After checking it a few time here came the actual piercing, all I can describe it as is its like someone grabbed your tongue and then pinched it with a pair of tweezers. That was all there was too it, the next thing I knew he was screwing on the ball for the barbell and I was done! I never felt the actual barbell get pushed through even though my brother told me later that they did get pushed through at different times.

Walking out of the shop it was already so much fun to play with and didn't hurt at all. Although I did hit it on my teeth a few times while showing people and hit it on my teeth on the way back into my mouth and that did hurt. I was expecting my tongue to get bruised or swollen but it never really happened, I don't know if I just got lucky or what but it was never bad at all. It did get a little sore in the mornings for the next few days but if I took an Ibuprofen and I would be fine for most of the day. Eating though was a whole new experience. It took me a very long time to eat anything for the first 3 days or so but I never had much of trouble talking or anything like that. After care was simple just mouthwash 3 times a day and don't eat raw mushrooms or yogurt. I was also told not to drink beer or malt liquor but that wasn't a problem. So all in all for me it was a great experience and I'm already planning on what my next piercing will be! I recommend tongue piercings as

a first piercing as they seem to be one of the easiest to take care of, also you can hide them without much trouble for when you need to. And I still enjoy playing with it I just cant wait to change it out so I can put a shorter barbell in because the one that they give you is so long just in case your tongue swells but since mine never did it just seems much to long and it does get bother sum sometimes. But I still love it!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: pin+cushion
Location: plymouth+MA

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