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I remember when I was nine years old, I used to sit at home with my mum looking through the Argos catalogues and seeing the tongue bars and body jewelery. I used to sit there and say "thats what I'm having when I get mine pierced". My mum would just laugh, I suppose she thought I was joking but I wasn't.

She realised that when I came home from "school" one day with my tongue pierced. As I walked into the studio it was really nerve racking and I was violently shaking, looking back it is actually quite humourous. As I filled out the forms, I saw Simone the piercer, she is lovely and we are very well aqquainted, as she had already pierced all of my other 15 piercings. I asked her how much it would hurt and she said it would be a slight pinch but otherwise very minimal. Of course, I trusted her as she hadn't lied to me before so I followed her to the back room and sat on the very familiar bed.

As i poked my tongue out I was waiting for a clamp but there wasn't one so I thought that would make it hurt more, but it really never. She put on her gloves, sprayed with disenfectant, and then open the needle and the barbell, and put them in the autoclave. As I waited, she pulled my tongue out with her hand and dried it with a piece of tissue then marked on where she thought it would look good, and i agreed too. By then the needles were ready and I was terrified. So, again she pulled my tongue out, and slightly bent down lined up the dots with the needle from beneath my tongue and just pushed it through.

It was a lot slower than I expected it to be but before I knew it the bar was in and the balls were on. There was very little bleeding, I mean barely any bleeding at all just a bit of blood around the piercing but that stopped after two minutes. And it was more or less painless, it did feel like a slight pinch but that was it. It was the after effects that were painful.

I couldn't talk properly, my whole tongue was swollen, my throat was sore, the back of my neck ached and I couldn't eat anything except for plain ice creams. But I didn't mind that. Three days later the swelling went down and I could finally change my eating habits. I was bored of ice cream so I just ate porridge and had loads of chicken soup, but I couldn't eat anything solid for a week unless I positioned it properly which I just could not be bothered to do. Luckily by two weeks everything was fine and I was back to my normal monsterous eating habits.

Then came the time I had to have the bar changed to a smaller one. So a month after getting it done I went back to the shop and had a smaller one put in and for at least three hours it was fine. By the time I got home my tongue had swollen up again bigger than it did the first time, the pain was unbearable, much worse than getting it pierced. I couldn't speak properly, eat or drink. It was so painful.

An hour later I rang Simone on her private number and managed to tell her the problem. She told me to look underneath my tongue for any pus or other signs of infections. I saw what I thought was pus and told her. She instructed me to dip a cotton bud into very salty water and swab it away. I tried but it would not move and I told her this so the next morning I went up there, and the pain was even worse than the night before. My tongue had become so swollen I couldn't even see the bottom ball, and there was a slight issue in getting it out.

It turns out, that what I thought was pus was actually as skin membrane which had grown over the ball and healed, very quickly. I was told that it was very rare and that I was lucky it did not obsruct my breathing. So Simone set to work on getting it out, she carefully unscrewed the top ball, then she tried to unscrew the bottom ball but she could not grip it. She tried to push it out but that pain was excruciating, so she got a scalpel and slit across the healed membranes of skin and pushed it out. I was so relieved for it to be gone.

Then Simone said "we must let it close up now" and I was heart broken, well maybe just a bit upset. She said that the tongue is a very fast healing organ and by tonight it would have closed up as it was not fully healed anyway and that if I came back in the morning she would pierce it again for free. I can safely say that there were no problems with the piercing the second time around It hardly hurt at all, it didn't swell too much, I could eat and it wasn't uncomfortable and there was no obvious infection. I love my piercings, especially my tongue, my parents don't like it but it's my tongue not theirs.

But I'm not complaining, I waited six years to get it done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Simone
Studio: Tribaland
Location: Rose+Hill%2C+South+East+Lodon

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