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After a year wait

Piercings and body modifications have always been my calling, ever since I was a little girl. I would go with my mom and sister to get their tattoos done and from an early age I always asked for piercings. But having the dad I have it was always an automatic no. But more to the point my parents split and I went out and got a tongue piercing about a year ago, and even though my mom approved of most body mods this one was a big "NO!". So I had to take it out, and you have no idea how lonely I was without my beloved tongue piercing. The night I took it out I told myself "I am getting my tongue pierced again, and for good this time!". And that is exactly what I did.

After a few months I started getting other piercings that were "mother approved" to satisfy my needs, but that tongue piercing still always haunted me. After a while I let it go and kept going with my life. But then 9 months later I was reminded of how amazing tongue piercings were and I had my mind set on my original idea: getting it pierced once again. I was lucky this time around, because now I lived with my dad who just so happened to never be home and I never talked to. After a few failed attempts at getting it pierced again (couldn't find a piercing shop that wouldn't ask for parents, no money, got grounded, etc) I put my dream back on hold. Then came summer. The time I got my tongue pierced last time and at that time I went with my ex-best friend and her mom. But this time I had no parents. I was in luck though, the swapmeet down the street for me just so happened to not give a darn if you had a parent or not. They just assumed that if you had a piercing you were old e nough. Or so my friends said. I decided to go test this theory out by asking to get my belly button pierced which they agreed to and went ahead and did it. After a sign of relief and seeing the place was clean and such, I told myself that 2 weeks later I would come back and get my tongue.

And so it was. Two weeks later I came back with my friend (who was interested in a belly button piercing) and asked the man how much they charged. He replied "$25", which was exactly what I had and extremely cheap if I may add. I then asked about my friend and since she had no piercings, he said she was too young. I asked her if she would mind if I still got mine and she said "Of course not!" so I went ahead and went into the backroom. Sitting in that chair knowing what was about to happen, I was the happiest person in that entire place! The lady pulled out my tongue, checked to see if it was ok to pierce it, cleaned her tools, marked it, and then pulled out the needle. The pain was just the same as last time, a quick light pinch. And in the blink of an eye it was over. I quickly turned around, stuck my tongue back out and looked in the mirror. It was back! And better that ever! The lady then gave me some water to rinse my mouth with and then I, my friend, and my new piercing were on our way. I have to tell you guys now though, after getting these piercings without parental consent I decided it be better to just ask my parents, so I suggest you guys do the same. I got some really good advice from a friend "Anything worth getting is worth waiting for." so I keep that in mind now.

But a day too late to take that I advice I already had the piercing, and since I knew that my dad would kind of notice if I had a lisp I decided my safest bet would be to go stay at a friend's house until the swelling wet down. So I did. I ate ice like if it was the end of the world. I cleaned and rinsed it every single time I ate, and at that point eating was one of the hardest things for me to do! The only thing I could really eat, since it was soft, was Cup of Noodles but the noodles always seemed to get tangled around my piercing. But none the less the piercing this time around (in my opinion) was a lot easier to take care of. Probably because I already knew what to expect. Since then it's actually about to be two weeks since I got my piercing. It's healing amazingly, and none of my parents have noticed. And it's beautiful I must honestly say. But in the healing process I guess the stress from my mouth affected my Monroe, so that had to be taken out but luckily I'm gettin g it re-pierced in about a week or so. And then my body (for now) will be complete. I will have my pretty little industrial, my belly button, my Monroe, and the best one out of all I must say: my sexy little tongue ring.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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