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So a week ago today, (Sunday July 20th) I went with my boyfriend off to Hardcore Tattoo, in downtown St.Thomas, to get Billy to do my vemon piercing. I had researched the piercing, I knew what care was needed, and the risks, and I was positive I wanted to go through with it all. Before we arrived at Hardcore I was treated to a last meal from Brock, at Burger King, and then off we went. When we arrived, Billy was busy doing a tattoo, but Barbie was available and she had done my nipples previously (at an angle, but nevertheless), I decided to go ahead. Oh boy, did I almost regret that. Sign one of a problem, is when a week earlier I called and asked her to do my nape, she said yes, only to decline when I got to the shop, when she realized I wanted my NAPE not my BRIDGE... This time, same deal, she was going to give me snakebites, and I had to explain to her, the procedure and what they were. She then proceeded to take close to 10 minutes drying my tongue, another 10 marking it, and another 5 asking questions like
"Do I go on the outside of the vein?" to Billy, who just said, do whatever the client wants. Overall, the actual piercing was painless, although the clamps were literal hell, they hurt more than any other piercing I've ever had.
However, they were in the perfect location. Exactly what I wanted, and as usual, I was so happy I had them done and had gone to Billy/Barbie to have my piercings done.
I recommend checking out ALL the piercing places around you before going to one. I have been to 2 and if I had the transport I would go to many more, but Billy is amazing, and Barbie under his eye, and hand has become an amazing piercer and tattoo artist. Make sure you talk to your piercer, and be their friend. As well as watch how clean they are when they work, before committing to the studio you are going too.

The first day went wonderfully. It was sore, but I didn't try eating so I figured, the people who said vemons hurt were wimps... until I awoke the next day unable to eat swallow talk anything. movement was impossible
I was in insane amounts of pain. Tylenol helped a lot though Billy joked and warned me that the bottle would be my best friend for a few weeks.

Day 3, was worse, I was un-understandable incoherent I couldn't eat anything I couldn't drink I could suck, and so I ate cold mashed potatoes and lived in agony. It was far from fun, and I sounded like an IDIOT if I talked.
That became my biggest annoyance beside the CONSTANT pain.

Day 4, was a bit better I could eat jello, rice, noodles and mashed potatoes I could drink and swallow the pain was tolerable and I stopped taking tylenol I was also coherent which was amazing. and I was starting to get over how much of a foreign object they were to my mouth.

TIP: When it hurts really badly, rinse your mouth with 50/50 mouthwash/water but make sure its ORIGINAL flavoured listerine, which is the NASTY tasting yellow/orange/brown listerine. it really saves your piercing, without it I would of taken it out within a day

Day 5, was almost painfree I could talk almost perfectly
and I could eat anything I wanted as long as it was not rock hard I could drink coke again, I had been living on water and my love for the piercing was returning. I had been wanting to take it out since the 3rd hour of it hurting me.

Day 6 pain free I can eat, drink and talk like normal with some stinging,
I can move my tongue like normal roll my tongue chew gum, bite, move food with my tongue and everything is perfect they feel like they belong in my tongue, and I am so madly in love with them, as is my boyfriend, who loves all the magic of piercings and the wonders they do, as he has never had a girl with piercings before.

Overall, they are healing wonderfully, and I love them so much. They are however, not for people who are not willing to change their entire life, sleeping pattern, eating habits, talking styles etc.
They are a lot of pain, and a lot of work, but I believe in the end, they are gorgeous, and worth every second. But a word of advice, just make sure you have a piercer who KNOWS what they are doing and is totally comfortable doing the piercing, although mine turned out perfectly, I'm really stupid to have let her continue to pierce me, when she had no clue what she was doing.


submitted by: the morning after
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Barbie
Studio: Hardcore
Location: St.Thomas

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