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Tongue still hurts two weeks later... Healing is different for different people!

About three weeks ago, I decided I would get my tongue pierced.

I went to HTC, which is where I go to get all of my piercings done. I've had my nose, nipple and one dermal anchor done there.

My experience was different from what other people have described.

JD, my piercer, had me rinse my mouth with mouthwash. Then, he marked both the top and underside of my tongue. After he had me check the markings in the mirror, he had me lay down on the table.

He explained how he was going to do it, and I was compelled to ask why.

He said he doesn't use clamps because they tend to be more painful than the actual piercing and they make people drool more excessively.

OK, so he had me stick my tongue out and up and he put gauze underneath to dry my tongue out.

I have to admit that my first attempt at getting this done was a total failure. My headspace was not quite right. Mostly, I was afraid my mother would find out.

He was just about to stick my tongue when I pulled it back into my mouth. He scolded me, explaining that if he accidentally sticks himself in the process of me chickening out he is out of work for while getting blood tests and healing.

The environment was unpleasant that first experience. My roommate was very little help in the room. She wasn't saying the right things.

I chickened out the second time as well, and JD took off his gloves.

He offered me a discount to come back on another Tuesday, so when I was ready he would still be my piercer.


My boyfriend's sister wanted to get a similar dermal anchor to mine, so my roommate and I went with her because I was more ready this week to get it. My parents went out of town for a week, and maybe my mental capacity for it would be better.

We waited an hour while other people went ahead of us. JD said when he saw me, "I'm impressed that you want it this much to wait that long and still not be high tailing it out the door."

As I was going into the room, JD told another person who was the first to walk in behind us in a long while, "Oh I'll be quick with this and we can change out yours."

My boyfriend's sister and my roommate came into the room with me. They both have their tongues done and were trying to assuage my fears.

JD and I went through a similar process. This time we rinsed, and he marked. I didn't get to see the mark in the mirror this time. Maybe he was rushed to get to the next person...? Whatever.

I lay back, freak out again, but this time my boyfriend's sister is awesome at talking me back into it. I really did want it, but this was the final test of mine... It was to prove to myself that I don't give a flip what other people think of me.

Granted, I am also a teacher, and I don't want any of my co-workers to find out. I would instantly have to remove it.

I go through with it, with my boyfriend's sister holding my hand and my roommate mentioning that I will recognize how ridiculous I was being after it was done.

JD pushed the needle through, which was relatively painless. The insertion of the barbell did not feel good at all, but it is similar to any of the other piercings I have had.


I got up to look in the mirror. It was crooked. I didn't mention it though, because I thought maybe it had swollen slightly and it would go away.

So, after a short trip to the grocery store to get a gallon of distilled water for my sea salt, a new toothbrush, and some alcohol-free mouthwash, I went home to housesit while my parents were out.

After eating, which wasn't that bad even the first day (just stuff everything in the cheeks and chew carefully), I would brush my teeth and then a sea salt rinse. The recommendation was just a mouthwash rinse, but I was paranoid.

I was very diligent about after care the first week and a half with the exception of Friday night, four days after my piercing.

I went out to a club, and although I was told not to drink any type of alcohol, the girls convinced me that I just needed to stay away from beer because of the risk of yeast infection.

Don't drink! It makes the pain go away, which is a very bad thing when you're trying to heal. I was way too careless and the swelling that had gone away immediately returned. With it, I received an extra couple days of swelling and discomfort.

After about a week and a half the swelling had minimized and I wasn't in as much discomfort. I relaxed on aftercare, and I think this is why it still hurts slightly just over two weeks later.

I am still healing two weeks later.

Yesterday, I went in for a downsize. I made sure to go on Tuesday to get JD again. He asked me how it was healing, and I complained about the crooked top part of my tongue. The bottom is centered, but the top looks like it's leaning.

He asked if I wanted to have it redone, but that's not in the cards right now. School's about to start and I can't afford two more weeks of swelling. Instead of re-piercing, he gave me the barbell for free.

I honestly think he was simply rushed, because I have had other piercings by him.

I'm very sensitive to my body and pay attention to everything that happens. It might be why it is still bothering me.

Today, I am very slightly swollen still and it is a bit painful sometimes... I really need to stop playing with it, and I hope it will get better soon. It looks healthy otherwise JD wouldn't have changed it yesterday, but it is just taking a long time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: JD+-+Tuesdays
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Location: Phoenix

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