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The Tongue Piercing

    It has been about seven months since I've gotten my tongue pierced.  It was the day after Christmas and my mom and I had gone to the mall to waste our money on stuff we didn't need.  While i was shopping she was getting her hair died and permed.  Every now and then I would drop my purchases. Once I  was done shopping she was still in there so I stayed for a while.  Then I noticed the secretary had her tongue pierced.  I had been wanting mine for a while so we started talking about it.  She said that it didn't hurt as bad as she thought it would especially since it went by so fast.  I begged my mom to take me to get mine done and she finally said yes.

We go to Exotic Ink and the guy said i needed to have a picture I. D., my birth certificate, and my mom to show him her driver liscence.  Of course I don't carry around my birth certificate so she got her nose pierced and we left. So the next day we go to Over the Edge in Jacksonville, this time I bring my birth certificate, and they accept it.  I picked out the ring I wanted.  The titanium ones were forty dollars and the acrylic ones were thirty, but I got the titanium one because I think they're cuter, and we went to work.

First they made me hold Listerine in my mouth for five minutes!  At first it was burning really bad but then my entire mouth went completely numb.  After they let me spit it out they gave me a little cup of warm salt water to wash my mouth out with.  Then they told me to stick out my tongue and relax it.  They put this paper thing under it then dried it off.  The lady was doing all of that.  Then the guy took out this stick looking thing and marked my tongue where he was going to pierce it.  I started to tense up and he told me to get ready. He took a clamp and pinched my tongue with it pretty hard and asked if it hurt but i couldn't feel anything so he went on with his business. Once I heard him opening the needle I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see how big it was.  He counted to three and stuck it through, dropped the barbell through the hollow needle, pulled the needle out, screwed on the bottom ball, and I was done.  It bled a little bit but not much at all.  T

he best part is I didn't even feel it!

He made me wash my mouth out again with warm salt water then he gave me a banana flavored popsicle.   We paid forty-five dollars then we left and went home.

I got home and I was starving!  I couldn't eat anything though because my tongue was swollen and I was in pain.  I took a couple of Advil for swelling and pain, ate a few more popsicles, and made some Ramon noodles.  That was the only thing I could eat for about a week.  Every time my tongue would start to hurt I would pop a few Advil and be good.

It took about a week before I could talk normally and didn't have an aching pain in my mouth.  But it took me like a month before I changed my ring just because I was scared to hurt myself, then I got used to it so I did it all the time.  I would match my tongue ring to my outfits, show it off to everybody, and everybody that didn't know I had it and noticed it and asked about it I would gladly show it off.

Now it has been about seven months since I've had it and I'm very glad that I got it and went through the pain to keep it.  I'm even thinking about getting a second one but not sure if I want to go through the whole saying my S' funny because my tongue was swollen, the throbbing in my mouth, and only being able to eat chopped up Ramon noodles for a week again.

Now I'm getting my belly button pierced tomorrow and later on I'm getting an industrial piercing, possibly a corset, and my second hole in my ears.

For pain and swelling I would suggest taking Advil or Ibprofen that is for swelling.  Popsicles area  really good thing to have in the house for the swelling also, but if you don't have any you can always suck on some ice or drink something icey.  Watch out for certain drinks like sodas or Powerade, they tend to burn for the first few days.  Sonic slushies and popsicles work perfectly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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