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Sweet Tongue Piercing!!!

Since I was ten years old I've wanted a piercing. I was ready to get my eyebrow pierced for my eleventh birthday but I totally got over it pretty quickly. So I got the idea of me getting a piercing out of my head because I kind of knew that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

When I went to visit my sister Marie in Quebec for christmas vacation, she was talking about getting her tongue pierced. Which I really wasn't surprized because she's been wanting her tongue pierced for the longuest time ever so I didn't pay much attention to that. After dinner we went to the tattoo shop where they do body piercings just to see how much it was to get her tongue pierced. It turned out that it was only fifty dollars. My sister was ready to get it done, but before she was talking to the piercer and she was really nervous because people have told her that if its pierced right down the middle that theirs chances of her to be paralyzed. The piercer did his job really well because she was still ready to get it done after talking to the piercer for ten minutes.

After my sister has made up her mind, it was time for my sister to decided on what color jewelry to put in. It actually took twenty minutes for my sister to decided on what color jewelry to go with, it turned out that she went with a really really bright pink barbell. The piercer takes us in the back whenre the piercings are done. He gives my sister mouthwash in a small cup for her to clean her mouth and tongue before it's pierced. He puts on gloves and clamps her tongue. HE tells my sister to take a big breath in and as she exhaled the needle went through. As he was putting the barbelle in after it was pierced, I look at my sister and one tear falls from her eye and she was screaming.

I was like "WHAT", can it really hurt that bad. Which I really had no clue because I've never had anything pierced, not even my ears.

My sister can barely talk, and when we get to her house we see our brother. We were talking about tongue piercings for quit a bit. He proposes that if I get my tongue pierced he will automaticly get his done as well. I was like what the hell it seems like fun, and it might be intresting. So I was really pumped that the next day i would have my tongue pierced.

So the next day I wake up and my borther tells me, "I hope your ready for pain." That really got me nervous and was thinking about when I was watching my sisters tongue being pierced which seemed really painfull. So we all get ready and go eat before we go to the tattoo shop because eating right after getting your tongue pierced is appenrently really painfull, and I didn't want to be in any more pain than I would already be in.

When were done eating we go straight to the tattoo shop. The piercer sees my sister and says, "Back for another one" and I let him know that I was getting my tongue pierced today. I actually got way more nervous when we got to the tattoo shop. He talls me to pick out a barbell, and since they dont have that many choices to choose from, I went with a sterling silver one. He then again takes us to the back where he peforms the body piercings. He has me sitting while he gets the needle and clamps ready for the procedure. He makes me clean my mouth and tongue with mouthwash. He now clamps my tongue and tells me to take a deep breath in and has I exhale the needle goes right through. He then puts the barbelle in and my tongue is pierced!!!

It honestly hurt a lot more than I imagined. It was more painfull than anything I had ever experienced. I screamed a little when he was piercing my tongue but the piercing itself doesn't hurt the most. For me it was ten minutes or so after it was pierced that it was extremly painfull. After it was pierced he tells me to take a look at it to see if I like it, and I loved it. As I went to pay him for the piercing, he tells me to sit down because I looked like I was about to pass out any minute. So I sit down for five minute or so and everything is good, I pay him and I leave.

After getting my tongue pierced I went straight to the gas station and got an extra large slushie to help with the pain and the swelling. My tongue didn't swell up that bad. By the second day it was normal size again, it was still painfull but it wasn't swollen at all. It was extremly hard and extremly painfull to eat for an entire week. It was really hard to eat because I kept bitting on the top ball, I wasn't used to having a ball sitting on your tongue. (I guess nobody is.) It was like having a noneatable candy in your mouth. It took me at least a month to get used to it because it's not like having any other piercing because you cant feel it like your tongue it's in your mouth.

After a month and a half I changed the barbelle because it was really sick of it, I tried to change it myself and it was extremly hard. I was really shaky and I couldn't do it so I went to a piercing shop and had a piercer just change it for me because I couldn't do it. I strongly recomend to have a piercer change the barbelle for the first couple times because it honestly is extremly hard to change it yourself.

After a while have my tongue pierced everything was completly fine. It was no longer painfull. It was no longer swollen. Also, It extremly felt really cool to have your tongue pierced. If your thinking of getting your tongue pierced I strongly recomed to just go for it because I am completly in love with my tongue piercing now.

Every month since I have gotten my tongue pierced I have gotten a new piercing. I now have pretty much everything pierced. I have my eyebrow, both my nipples, my nape, my conch, my cartilage dermal punched to a six gauge, and my lip.

Piercings are extremly fun and make you feel so alive.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: eric
Studio: tattoo+mai+%26+Body+piercings
Location: quebec

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