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After a long long wait!!

Well it all started about three years ago, I got my eye brow pierced as a reward to myself for having my son. At this time I was 15, and my mom still had to sign for me.. Well after they eye brow piercing, i went to the lip, that lasted maybe a week, then the belly button, which was healed in about four months, then the vertical labret which would NOT heal after eight months of trying, then the eye brow again, THEN they all disappeared for work.. so I began stretching my ears just for some fun, but I never made it past a 8 gauge because of rules at work.

Well I decided that the tongue piercing was hot, and I did all the research I could possibly do, assuming that my mother would sign just like she had for all my previous needle encounters, and I came to her with lots of information, and she shut me down. She told me it was a sexual piercing, and there was no reason for it, and that if I ever wanted it, I'd have to be 18! So with disappointment I continued my research hoping to show her I really wanted it, and that I didn't want it for sexual reasons. . but two years of trying, there was no convincing her ...

And finally, it was two weeks till my 18th birthday, which was on a Sunday, so I called up my piercer to make an appointment, he said I should call the day before my birthday to pick a final time, so I did.. well to my surprise the guy wasn't in and no one would pierce me for my birthday, but no way was I going to stop with that. I continued to search for someone who would pierce me on a Sunday, and living in a small town I was so afraid my plans would not pull through.. BUT I found ONE place I had never been to in the next town over, that said he would pierce me. So the day of my birthday, i ate a HUGE lunch and about an hour afterwards my friend and i went to the piercing studio, waited about 10-15 minutes in the waiting room, filled out the paper work, copied my id.. and took me back... It was a clean place, and I had friends who had been pierced here ... But the piercer was not at all informative. he had me sit up on the doctors bench type thing stick out my tongue marked it, clamped it and pierced it, without asking me if I liked the placement, or anything...But when it comes to how it felt, all I felt was some cold pressure, I didn't even feel the barbell, He did the piercing from the bottom up, which made me nervous cause I had only see them done from the top down.. but trusted that he did it right.

I paid and tipped him, and he proceeded to telling me to use Listerine, regular table salt and before he could finish I told him I was going to use biotene cause it was much better for tongue piercings, and told him I would use sea salt, he rolled his eyes, and told me to have a good day and to come back if I had any trouble. He didnt tell me what the gauge or length it was.

But any way.. the healing period was like this:

day one... I kept up with IB prophen every four hours, had no swelling ,I had an ice cream cake about an hour after i got pierced, it took me forever to eat it because i was afraid of hurting my tongue but I was even able to eat some chicken Alfredo, then yogurt and pudding just because it was cold and felt good, all I drank was COLD water

day two...I had old fashion oatmeal, with some melon, A steak for lunch/dinner with mashed potatoes.. NO PROBLEM CHEWING!!

day three... I started having some burning on the top of my piercing when I ate almost ANYTHING, but it was tolerable .. nothing to bad, still able to eat, but I had a little bit of swelling, and caused an old lisp..

but here I am on day six and everything is great.. no swelling eating normal, and haven't bit down on the barbell even once! I am having the lymph discharge, which is pretty gross, but that little bit of nasty stuff is SO worth the piercing over all! it doesn't hurt, I can eat and drink what I want, so long as I use my mouth wash and SEA SALT!

so if your thinking about getting your tongue pierced, it is the most awesome painless piercing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Some+dude
Studio: Eletrik+needle
Location: Prescott+Valley+Az

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