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Not-so-long awaited tongue

It's taken me a couple of months to finally get my tongue pierced, due to various different engagements and money issues but I've finally bit the bullet and got a new hole. Tongue piercings, were always something I was around, be it due to family having those piercings or just random shop workers (when I visited Germany I saw a girl who had her smiley pierced. I was rather intriguied but thats for another story) but I never felt the need for one myself. Then along came a boy who will remain nameless. He has his tongue pierced three times, and has influenced and affected my life greatly the past two months, so I kind of got my tongue pierced as a tribute to him and as a way of showing myself that just because its 'mainstream' it doesn't mean people perceive you differently. My parents don't like piercings. They don't like the idea of anyone 'mutilating' their 'little baby'. So their faces when they saw the new piercing were priceless.

I had originally planned to get my tongue pierced on the Wednesday, since I was completely free that day, and wasn't planning on going to the beach (sea air and new piercings don't match), but money worries meant that it got put on hold for a day. On the Thursday morning, I woke up nervous and excited. I quickly hopped on MSN to see if my friend would accompany me to Hype Tattoo Studio in Newcastle City Centre. I was rather disappointed to find that the friend who was supposed to be accompanying me to Hype was unavailable. So since I had had other piercings alone, I decided to go it alone.

I hopped on the metro, and practiced holding my tongue still, not using it to swallow and the suchlike. I failed, miserably.

I got into town and ran into an old friend, who thankfully agreed to accompany me to Hype (I'll explain why later). I stupidly didn't go for food (though I'd had pancakes earlier that day) and just hurried down to Hype, eagerly anticipating my new hole.

Now I'll say this for anyone who has doubts. The street (more back-alley to be honest) that Hype is on, it's not the nicest of places. There's a rather seedy looking pub on the street corner and the cobbled pavement just makes it seem like somewhere that you don't want to be in all honesty. But once you get into Hype, everything changes. It's clean, it's brightly coloured from all the flash on the walls, it's well lit, and there's an awfully comfortable leather sofa at the bottom where I sat for half-an-hour while I waited for someone to get back to man the desk while Nici prodded me (there's also some fantastic vintage shops nearby which sell amazing clothes, if you can find them)

Now after I had paid, signed and waited, we (Nici, my friend and I) made our way down into the depths of Hype Tattoo Studio. I sat on the table, with Amy sitting next to me holding my hand. After a bit of banter about sex, drugs, rock'n'roll and a small Chinese woman who really wanted her tongue pierced but who kept moving whenever the needle came close, Nici dried my tongue, gloved herself and did all the business with the marker pen. I didn't initially check it, since I trust her skills, but Amy kicked me into it. Since I have a stupidly long tongue web, my piercing is placed at 45 degrees to my tongue, which I'm perfectly content with, so we both agreed on the placement and she sat me back down and wrapped an elastic band around the clamps (I have no idea why). I've read a lot of stories where people say that the clamps are more painful than the piercing, and I believed this to be true in my case. Not so. The feeling of a sharp metal object moving quickly through a big pie ce of muscle is rather painful; as Amy's knuckles have shown (I crushed them). I got cleared up, didn't drool too much and read through the aftercare that Nici handed me.

Between leaving the studio and writing this, I've managed to bite my tongue four times, bite the barbell twice and get it in front of my teeth countless times. It's now manouvred itself into a more comfortable position and has begun the swelling. I haven't been able to speak properly since I left Hype and so far, only one person has told me to say 'six sizzling sausages'. I've debated taking it out but I know it would just be a waste of £25, and I may as well get something shiny for my troubles. Now all I have to wait for is the swelling to get worse then go down and everything will be gravy.

I would recommend Nici, and Hype in general to anyone in Newcastle wanting a piercing or a tattoo. Nici and the rest of the staff are unbelievably friendly, and Hype in itself is one of the most colourful and fun places I have visited. It's hygiene and piercing standards are impeccable and the banter is top-notch.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Nici
Studio: Hype+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Newcastle%2C+UK

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