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Happy Tongue

A year ago or so I went to get my second piercing, which was tongue. I had moved to Toronto so I was looking for a good piercing parlor. Every source (friends, web) seemed to all recommend New Tribe, so I gave it a try. I had always also wanted to get a tongue piercing but decided to wait a little to see if it was just a spontaneous desire or did I actually want it badly. After much research and thought I decided I did want a tongue piercing. I arrived there, told them what piercing I wanted and they politely asked me to wait. I barely waited 15 minutes and was told to go into a room.

My piercer was John and he was extremely polite and you could tell he was very professional by the fact that he showed me everything he was going to use (very sterile) and his method. I was extremely nervous, a lot of people had told me that tongue piercing hurt so I was not looking forward to that part. My piercer John, made me sit , stick my tongue out and grabbed them with clamps and he counted to three. He pierced me at the second second but I did not even notice until my friend told me after. I did not feel a thing! It was so smooth and went so nicely. To be honest the part that was possibly the most painful was either the clamps or the extreme nervousness I had had the whole day. I Thanked him for everything and they even gave me a free tea tree oil soap for my tongue, as well as instructions for aftercare etc.

After that, I went to the Ben and Jerry's that is located right next to New Tribe. I was so happy I got my new piercing! It felt very strange, especially since the bars they give you at the beginning have to be long (for the swelling). Even though I bled a little it did not hurt at all... Except the next morning. Oh man, how I wanted to die that day. Make sure you have with you at all times a mouthwash without alcohol (soothe the pain), ice (also soothes the pain), a bottle with salt if you would like and a box of extra strength tylenol because my head wanted to explode as well as my tongue. I could not even move it let alone eat anything. For the next three days all I did was suck on ice and eat soup. The swelling would go down with the mouthwash which had to be done regularly. The reason why you wont be able to eat is because your tongue will be very sensitive to heat as well as any type of spice or salt. Also, since your tongue hurts and is swollen, it is very hard to chew and swallow anything. The worst part of eating the first days however is that you are not used to eating with a metal in your tongue so you constantly bite it accidentally causing you to suffer extreme pain.

Buy soups and ice before the procedure because trust me that is all you will be ingesting for a while! The swelling after goes away and those painful 3 days quickly disappear with the happiness of a new tongue piercing. I did not waste any picture or mirror without me sticking my tongue out. Everyone was very jealous that I had the guts to do it and I am very happy to have such a beautiful piercing.

After those few painful days I enjoyed my piercing. Once you get used to it and change to a smaller bar and ball, it becomes quite pleasant and fun to have a stud in your tongue. I fidget with it all the time when Im bored and it keeps me awake during class or times when I need to pay attention and I am not. People always ask me if I taste metal when I have it or how it feels. Short answers are no and it feels like having a permanent tic tac in your mouth. It sounds weird but you get used to it. Your tongue and mouth change to get used to it and you learn new and wild tricks with it (like kissing or chewing gum).

I really recommend going to New Tribe. It is by far the best piercing place in Toronto! Everyone who has gotten a piercing there comes back with great stories. I also have many other friends who have got a tongue piercing as well as many have either not felt it at all or have said it hurt a lot.

I hope this story has helped you with making a choice for piercing your tongue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: New+Tribe
Location: Toronto

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