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When I was young, and dumb...

9 Years Already?

When I was 16, my boyfriend had his tongue pierced. This made me cool by association! I went to a very small high school in Texas, about an hour east of Dallas.

He decided that for my up-and-coming 17th birthday that he would pay to have my tongue pierced. So.. the problem? I was under aged. Another problem was that the local piercing studio was across the street from my extremely conservative grandparents' store.

I started in on my dad a month or so in advance. He said hell no (and some other expletives). But, I was persistent. I told him that I had friends' moms who would just come to the shop with me and tell them that they were my mom (knowing that this wouldn't work, Jan checked on things like this). I told him that I was going to get it no matter what... and slammed my door, heh. I don't know what his problem was. The night I turned 16, I bleached my hair and dyed it bright pink. Now, pink was not what I was going for, but apparently my hair likes bleach. I wanted red. When I came home two days later, he just looked at me and told me he wasn't taking me anywhere. No big deal.. My grandpa (on the other side of the family) even took me to lunch in celebration of my birthday with my day-glo pink hair. He was cool, why couldn't my dad be okay with it?

I probably asked my dad about getting my tongue pierced every day. We were pretty poor, so I knew he wasn't going to get me much for my birthday. So, I used what I always did to get my way with my dad.. guilt. I sat him down, and I told him that I knew my birthday was only a few days away and I knew it was going to suck, so if he let me do this, I would be okay. I already had a job (and talked to my boss) and I had a car, I was responsible. I told him all I needed was a signature. He caved. On the day of my birthday, I was in town, and I called him to confirm that he was serious. He said he would do it, so we met at the shop. I got there before him, so I waited outside.

Now, remember I was 16, going on 17. I was kicking myself by this point. I heard so many horror stories about body piercings. I knew this guy who had his nipples pierced and bled for hours afterwards. I went over all these terrible stories in my head while I waited, and waited. I scared the shit out of myself, honestly. My boyfriend was there with me trying to keep me cool. Of course, I wasn't going to let anyone know how desperately scared I was.

Eventually my dad showed up. I parked around the corner so my grandparents wouldn't see my car across the street, but my dad pulls right up in front. I bitched at him for that, but he told me that I would be the one to have to deal with them, not him. So, I finished my cigarette and went inside. It was quiet in the shop that day. She didn't have a tattoo artist at the time, so it was just her inside. Jan stood up and greeted us as we came in the shop. She recognized my dad from their store (their shops are in the downtown area, so they all kind of know each other). They chatted for a few minutes before asking what she could do for us. I spoke up, "I want to get my tongue pierced." She asked me how old I was, and I explained that I was turning 17 on this day and that is why I brought my dad. I gave her my i.d. and so did my dad. She got all the paperwork ready and my dad signed it. She asked me if I was ready and began to lead me into the back room. My dad turne d to leave. I couldn't believe he wasn't going to wait. He said he had something to do.. So, we went to the back room. My boyfriend came with me.

Jan's father was a barber back in the day, and in his memory, she has his old barber's chair that she places you in. It is actually quite nice and useful, as I learned later on, it actually lays back pretty far. She sat me in the chair, and I looked around a bit while she was getting ready. There were lots of pictures and stickers and stuff around. I saw some pretty crazy things that, at 17, I had never seen before. Her shop is so tiny, it would seem that you could stretch your arms out and touch both sides of the place, but it's not that small. Two people standing side by side could touch the walls, though. Everything seemed so clean, though. She opened everything from packages, which I knew had to be a good thing. She was asking me a few questions about allergies and bleeding and stuff. I didn't know any of the answers. I didn't think I was allergic to anything (and it turns out, I am not). I made the mistake of looking at the needle. I freaked out, but quietly . I was too tough to chicken out. So, I asked her, "It's not going to hurt, is it?" She laughed at me. She pinched me pretty good and asked if that hurt. Well, of course it hurt! She then went on to tell me some stories of people bleeding a whole lot and stories of people passing out. WHAT?? Oh shit, what did I get myself into??

So, finally, we were both ready. She knew I was nervous. It was painfully obvious. I rinsed with some crap for a whole minute. She leaned me back a bit and had me tilt my head back some. I looked up and saw a sticker that said "Welcome to your new addiction." I shrugged that off. She said "Oh, that's right, it's your birthday," and pulled out some spray numbing stuff. Ok, well, that was nice, but it didn't help. She clamped my tongue down.. OUCH. She confirmed one more time that I was ready. She said, "Ok, on the count of three... Three.. Two.." Then she poked me. What happened to one?? Ok, that was kind of mean, but I needed it, and she knew it. I would have cringed so badly, there is no telling where that needle would have gone! She fiddled around a bit, took off the clamp, leaned back and handed me a mirror. I just looked at her with my tongue hanging out. She told me she was done. So I turned to look in the big mirror. Yup, she was done. I had this lo ng silver thing in my tongue, and just a tiny little bit of blood. She leaned over to look at me, still hanging my tongue out. She said "Oh, ok, you're not alien, there is some blood." This made my giggle a bit, but I was so scared to put my tongue back in. I eventually did. She asked me if I was ok, and wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to faint or anything, or if I was ok to drive. I was. Wait, I was fine! That was cool.

I was stoked. We left after that and found as many of my friends as I could to show off to. I was totally cool. My boyfriend and I were the only ones in our group of friends to have something like this.

Now, not so cool. I just turned 26, I work all the time, never have any money, moved away from home, and I don't know anyone. Oh well, I still get piercings. I currently have 14; I really am addicted. I visit home a lot, and I still go see Jan. One of my greatest friends ever, "J" is now tattooing out of her shop, so I have to go see them every time I am back in Greenville. Although I don't always make it on time, I still enjoy the tradition of getting a new piercing for my birthday. I have one planned in a few days. I am going to meet the piercing artist in my current town and get to know them. I hope I like them. As much as I like getting most of my piercings from Jan, she is just too far away. Damn it Safari Body Piercing, open up already, I am getting the itch (they are closed until the 1st, due to a move)!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Jan+Robin
Studio: Pokeez+Piercing+Parlor
Location: Greenville%2C+TX

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