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Tongue - My little insight.

I had been wanting a tongue piercing for quite some time, I was always intrigued with it. I recently got my ears pierced (3 months before this) and those were my first piercings. I decided to go w/ tongue because of the potential of giving better oral pleasure and I needed something that was hid easily. Erin (the piercer) is a good friend of mine, and he just moved here from Louisiana. He needed an audition piece so that he could start piercing at the shop (he has been piercing for 10 years) so I let him do my tongue.

The procedure was smooth. He explained the aftercare before the piercing began and exactly what steps he was going to take. We went into the room and he gave me some Listerine to swish around for a couple of seconds and then dried off my tongue with a paper towel. I had to keep it stretched out, so I don't get it wet again. He clamped my tongue and pulled it out and made a purple dot on the tongue. I agreed on the location and then he began. He changed gloves several times during the whole process making sure everything was sterile. Insert needle. Insert barbell. Screw on the other end. The time it took you to read those last 3 sentences was how long the actual piercing took. The piercing itself was not so much pain, but discomfort. Biting your tongue HURTS, and this is nothing like that. After I closed my mouth I had a very sharp pain any time I tried to move the jewelry. Directly after the piercing was not a very pleasant experience. I had trouble drinking, s wallowing and spitting. You never know how much you use your mouth during the day until it hurts to move it. After about 30 minutes the bottom of my gums started the hurt a little, because the jewelry was resting up against it. It felt like there was a thermometer in my mouth at all times. I went home and went to sleep, the sharp pain faded into a dull pain/discomfort after the first couple of hours. I had no problem falling asleep.

Day 1 of healing: Ouch, I woke up in the morning and thought, why the fuck did I just do that, but I soldiered on, brushed my teeth, swished saltwater around for a couple of minutes, and used some biotene. Day went on like normal, and I didn't eat much. I think the first thing I tried to eat was a twizzler. MISTAKE. That got ALL caught up in my teeth, and was impossible to get out. I ate some tuna fish later that night. I am a smoker and I did smoke during the healing of the piercing. It made my mouth extremely dry but I did rinse out with mouthwash after I was done.

Day 2: Went on just like Day 1, except I tried to eat a subway sandwich. That was not fun and it was painful, but I mustered through. At this point my tongue was EXTREMELY swollen. I wasn't lisping, because you couldn't make out what I was trying to say. It was just a mumble with no structure. I didn't chew on any ice yet. Day 3: CHINESE FOOD! Deliciously painful! I forgot not to eat spicy food! I continued my rising after each meal/smoking and what not. Sea salt soaks in the morning and night. I kept my head elevated when sleeping.

Day 4: First day of work. They didn't notice, awesome. At this point I could pronunciate my words, but I was still really I mean REALLY rough around the edges. I didn't talk but a few times the whole day. One of the managers brought 3 boxes full of no sugar added popsicles. It was like an act from god. I swear I ate 15 of those things. People made comments, but what do I care.

Day 5: I was found out. The found it, damn. I told them that I would put clear balls in at the end of the week and they would never know. They were cool with that. I work in a professional corporate office, so this was quite surprising. I started eating normally today, more confident with moving my mouth normally. I started to develop a white dot on the front of my tongue, so I decided to go back to Erin to have him check it out. They told me that it was my body trying to close the hole up, and they took a cuetip and wiped it away, it was solid almost like a scab. It took a little force to get it out.

Day 6: The white thing was back. I decided to just leave it. My swelling finally went down, but I still had difficulties talking with the longer barbell in my mouth. The dull pain/discomfort in my gums started to subside, and everything was returning to normal. The white thing ends up going away around the 10th day. It just completely disappeared. I now have my shorter barbell; I also got that on the 10th day. I love it... and glad I stuck it through. I did contemplate taking it out a few time, but you can't go through that much paint without any payoff.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Erin
Studio: Quicky+Tattoo
Location: Austin%2C+Texas

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