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My tongue's New Neighbor

Okay, ever since I was nine, I had wanted my tongue pierced and wanted my lip pierced ever since I was 12. I am currently 14 and my mom FINALLY gave in to letting me get it done. Both. At the SAME time. Yuppers. I had previously pierced my lip three times on my own, but ended up taking them all out to wait to get it done by a professional.

When my mom agreeed that I actually could get my piercings, my Aunt called up this studio that I REALLY like cause I knew the owner's daughter and used to hang out there. Anyways, my Aunt asked how much two piercings were and what a minor would need to bring, ext. I needed my mom, her I.D/driver's licnese, my birth certificate, and a school ID. Now, school had just ended 6 days pervious to this and I had given my ID to a friend who was moving away. So We went up to the school and got another one. THen I couldn't find my birth certificate, so we had to wait for the next day.

Well, it took 2 weeks, but I finally found my birth certificate. Well, a copy of it at least. So the next day, my best friend whom I call my sister came over at 8:30 AM so she could come with me to get it done. Turns out, my ride wouldn't be there till about 2. SO we waited and waited. Finnally, my brother who was taking us came. When he saw my friend, he yelled at her and told her to leave because we wern't allowed to be together(said her parents). SO yeah. She left.

Anyways. Another hour, and we leave. Me with adrenaline corseing(sp?) through my vains. We got there around 3:56 and waited till 5:23 to get my piercing. It was a friday and alot of people were there. I filled out a form and showed the dude my Identification stuff and he checked it out. Then he asked me what I wanted and if my lip was going to be a stud or a loop. I said a loop, of course. I watched him making sure it was a new, pagaged needle and clean gloves, you know, all that sterile stuff. He gave me some mouth wash So I went and rinsed my mouth with listerine and sat down. This 30-something year old who was getting her lip done after me was freaking out because I was only 14.

Anyways, he explained what he was going to do and even though I had known everything about it for serveral years, I listened and nodded. Then he got out the marker and showed me the dot. I loved it. Okay, I had read HUNDREDS of stories on here and everyone hates the clamps, but I didn't think that they'd HURT! Yup, those friggen clamps hurt. But I stayed quiet.

Now, I am not one that handles pain well. If I think it's going to hurt, afterwards I still freakout even if it didn't hurt. So yeah, I was looking at that needle like it was a bomb. When he put the needle on my tongue, I wimpered. I HATE pain. So he's all, "one, two..." and pushed it through. I was about to tell him, okay three now do it when he said and that's the piercing. I was like, WHAT? That's it. I was fine. Until he started to screw on the ball. Now that.....that hurt. But then he had the ball on and took of the clamps and NO MORE PAIN! But then I saw the blood and wall all, "mannnn, I didn't think it would bleed"

I was still a little light headed from before he pierced me that I said, "okay, I'm gonna wait till this heals to get my lip done" Because I knew even though it didn't hurt then, it would later on. But no, I went to the drive in movie with my bestfriend, boyfriend, and her boyfriend and it didn't hurt at all. I had 2 slushies to keep the swelling down, though. Heck, I even kissed my boyfriend once.

So I went home and passed out.......forgetting to elevate my head. Needless to say, my tongue was HUGE the next morning. I just ate a popsicle and some ice then laid back down, with 4 pillows under me and when I woke up, it wasn't AS swollen. So here I am, it's 2:10 AM in the morning on the third day. Doesn't hurt at all. But really, icey-stuff and pain medicince are PERFECT. I would die without it. Oh, and make sure to eat. Yup Yup. I clean it and swish with mouth wash 3 times a day. And I'm all good. I LOVE and and can't believe that I didn't get my lip done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Gary%27s+Perfessional+Piercing+Studio
Location: Odessa%2C+Texas

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