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Meh... Double Tongue

I honestly do not know the correct name of these. I have heard venoms, and I have heard just flat out "Double tongue piercings". Non-the less two bolts threw my tongue. One on the left, and one on the right.

Prior to getting the piercing I honestly didn't really think much of tongue piercings, nor did I ever have intentions on getting one... or two for that matter. It all started at school a few days after turning 18. Already having a few piercings, I had out of the blue come to the conclusion that I was going to go get my tongue pierced. Only I knew that half the damn school had there tongue pierced. I'm really not a big fan of getting the same shit that everyone else so I figured that Id just get two instead. A buddy of mine had gotten two in his, but the were both in the center and they didn't look all to good, so I decided to get one on each side.

I went into the shop up the road that day to see how much it would cost. Fortunately it wasn't bad, and I happened to have the cash in hand so I said what the hell? The chick that did my piercing brought me into the room and began to set up the station and get all the tools and jewelry ready, and while she did that the friend that I was supposed to be bringing home was just kind of walking around the shop. I got the chance to taste the wonderful mouthwash shit that they give you and really enjoyed that...... After she was all finished setting up she cleaned and marked my tongue. I stood up and looked into the mirror and I came to the conclusion that it was even and overall in a wonderful spot not to close to the tip of my tongue, not to close or far apart from one another, and they were straight. so this is where my story goes a bit downhill..Ahem..

The girl began to clamp my tongue which honestly just felt like someone was holding my tongue, much like you would do to your dog for fun. Everyone had told me "The clamp is the worst!" and all that jazz so at this point I was thinking to myself "You gotta be shitting me!?" She reached out for the needle and then brought it to my mouth she told me to breath in so I did, then she told me to let it out so I did, at that moment she pushed the needle threw the right side of my tongue. No, it wasn't the greatest feeling ever. Yes, it did hurt a bit, but it wasn't unbearable. I'll throw in also when she did it she put the needle and jewelry in the top to the bottom which I'm sure is normal? maybe like i said i don't know but yeah remember that. so she screws the ball onto the bottom of the right one and then jumps over to the left... She clamps it and everything much like the first one only it hurt a little bit due to the bolt that just got shoved threw the other side of my tongue. She told me to breath in so I did then told me to breath out so I did and she pushed the needle threw the same way. to sum it up she screwed the ball on i paid her and left for home.

The story is far from over... The first night was the worst night I had ever had in my life for two piercings that did not hurt that bad, I couldn't understand why I was in so much pain, swollen glands, bruised tongue, couldn't eat, couldn't drink, couldn't talk, nothing! So I thought okay must be normal. Well 3 or 4 days later I look in the mirror and noticed that the bolts were no longer visible in my tongue! Confused and in pain I call the shop asking what the F*CK is going on?!?! I was told it was normal and Id be fine so I just let it go. About a day or two later I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. I was on my way home from work and called the shop I was told that she wasn't there so I had to go in and talk to someone else at the shop. amazingly that person stayed even after they had closed and I got there about 20 mins later. I walked in apologized to her for having to do this when she wasn't even the girl that did my tongue. To spare a lot of unnecessary shit Il l jump threw this all. The piercing on the right was straight and perfect. The piercing on the left ... well not so good it had gone in at the right place so when you look at my tongue, it appears straight, but she pierced it at an angle and it comes out the center of my tongue. They are also both pierced at an angle so that the top of them are both farther back than the bottoms. To top it all off, the barbells that she used to pierce them with were 1 inch long, not only do i have a fat ass tongue, but now I have a fat ass swollen tongue with two crooked barbells!!! The girl took them out and put longer ones in. Instantly making it feel better other than the fact that she had to take two healing piercings out of the muscle of my tongue, and put longer ones in did not feel good!!! and to top it off remember me saying that the balls of the barbell were screwed in the bottom? Well the balls wouldn't come undone on top, so she had to screw them off on the bottom, and with a swol len tongue this was very difficult, and painfull because of how much more sensitive the bottom of your tongue is compared to the top.

To this day I have one of the longer barbells in my left side and a shorter one in my right. The 1 inch barbell does not even fit in the left side. I still have issues with the left and on occasions it still hurts, but I don't want to take it out because of the shit I had to go threw to get it!

I thank you for reading this and hope that if this experience taught you anything at all, that it taught you to not to let tattoo artist pierce you, if the aren't the hired piercer at the shop!! Yeah I know I can be a dumb ass but hey what can you do you only live once eh?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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