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Make sure you trust your piercer

When I was about 13 I decided I wanted to get my tongue pierced. But I was not old enough. I heard of this school that didn't ask for your age and did tongue piercings for $25. I was excited and made an appointment with my best friend.

When I went there they pierced holly first,the teacher did hers and then when I went in the student was supposed to do mine. So I washed my mouth out and they sat me down. now normally they ask you where you want it and wheres a good spot, and then go from there.

But not here, they clamped it and pierced it before I even knew what they were doing. after that they're supposed to put the barbell in before they take off the clamp... But thats not how this went.

She took off the clamp and the teacher freaked and took over. So of course I got nervous, I didn't really understand what was going on at the time and she was freaking so I started hyperventilating and she got really mad at me...

My friend could hear all the commotion for the other room (they didn't let her come in with me). She demanded the receptionist take a look, as she entered the room her face went white. She went back out very quickly and I heard her say to my friend that she had never seen that much blood from a piercing before in her life. At that point I couldn't tell it was bleeding so i panicked and really started freaking out. The other students in the room were trying to clean me up and calm me down while the teacher kept on yelling at me.

My tongue bled and enormous amount; I ended up being covered in it, My shirt was ruined. With all that was going wrong i still had to pay full price and was treated horribly rude by the teacher for "acting like a child" as she put it. I was actually handling it quite well.

I wish my mother would have known. If I wasn't afraid she would have been mad at me I would have told her. She would have gone in there and ripped them a new one. I just cant believe they made me pay after it all. For them to do that was really ridiculous.

So after its all done and the barbells poking through my little tongue..

I go to the sink and rinse my mouth with water. I was supposed to do that till it stopped bleeding. Well, they actually asked me to leave before it was done bleeding so i took the bus with a bleeding tongue back to my school. I thought the worst was over..

So after about a week went by and the swelling did not go away I got very nervous and so did my friend because hers was as bad as mine.

We went to waves and the lady took a look at us and was shocked to see how bad a job they did on holly and told her they never should have pierced hers so slanted. She had to take it out because the lady told her after time it would have damaged her bottom teeth.

As for me I was born with a small jaw and never should have been pierced because I don't have enough room for the swelling. So my teeth actually left indents on the sides of my tongue,that turned into huge cuts that made it swell even more. It was horrible, apparently the teacher should have known I shouldn't have been pierced. I guess she was to money hungry to say anything. I couldn't even get my tongue far enough out of my mouth to get the barbell out, so the woman from waves told me I just had to bear through it and she suggested this special mouthwash powder for mouth infections and canker soars it worked very well.

After that experience I really learned my lesson. I should have gone to a respected place in the first place. Lots of complaints were filed against the school of esthetic's they are a horrible place to go. I really think its better to pay the extra $30 to save yourself from that.

I do still have my tongue piercing today but it inst worth all the trouble i went through. If I would have known I would have waited till i was old enough to go somewhere better. Besides you cant hide it as well as I thought I could either. They fond out and got really mad, thats most parents that don't approve of piercings react. I find now that I'm older and can get them anywhere I have way better experiences with them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Location: Maple+Ridge%2C+B.C.

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