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DIY Tongue-web piercing...Really not as bad as it sounds.

Well, I guess some background information is in order. I've been obsessed with piercings ever since my first ones when I was 11 – standard lobes, which are now stretched to an 8g, soon to be larger. Followed by a short-lived surface piercing when I was 14, then my septum and second ear piercings, all self-pierced. Then came my second (and last) professional piercing, my industrial. I've wanted my lip pierced for quite some time, but my parents are strictly against any kind of "un-normal" body mods, so I knew I needed something I could hide easily. I had managed to keep my surface piercing a secret for the two months that I had it, and I've had my septum piercing for almost seven months and no one knows. So, it's not that hard for me to hide my piercings.

I started scouring the internet and happened on bmezine.com. I read through almost all of the experiences and then began looking at the pictures. The second, no...the millisecond I saw the tongue web piercing, I absolutely flipped. This was the piercing for me, no doubt. So I set about acquiring as much knowledge about it as my brain could hold – procedures, placement, aftercare, problems, etc.

Once I was sure I knew quite possibly everything there was to know about the piercing, I knew I needed jewelry. At home, I had quite a few things that I could've put in it, but seeing as I'm currently staying with my grandparents, it proved to be quite a problem. So, one day in Walmart as I was browsing, I waltzed over to the jewelry counter and began searching through the case with the body jewelry. I found two 16g barbells (meant to be used as eyebrow jewelry) for $7. Great deal. I quickly paid for them and jammed them in my pocket. Then I needed a needle. When we got home, I scavenged around in a sewing drawer and found a fairly large (I'm guessing around a 14g?) sewing needle. Although it wasn't as sharp as a proper piercing needle, I had no choice – my piercing needles were at home.

Once I had the needle, I swiped some hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, sterile gauze, and a small bowl, brushed my teeth and headed upstairs. The sound of the lawnmower starting up signaled that this would be my only chance to get it done. I first soaked the needle and jewelry in the alcohol and then peroxide. Then, I inspected my tongue web in the mirror visually marking the place where I would pierce, before drying the needle with sterile gauze. I used the gauze to hold my tongue up and placed the needle next to my web. Anyone who has attempted this will know, it is impossible to keep your tongue still. So, I basically just had to aim and jab and hope it went through. And thankfully it did, in the right spot, even. It didn't hurt a bit. It felt like a tiny pinch that only lasted a millisecond. But it was extremely uncomfortable having a needle hanging halfway out of my mouth.

I quickly dried the barbell and slid the needle out of my web. No blood. Not a drop. I pushed the barbell against the small red dot on my web and it slid right through with no hesitation. I was expecting it to be much, much harder considering all of the experiences I had read. But getting the ball on the end proved to be extremely tricky. The initial piercing and jewelry placement took only about two minutes, but I struggled with that ball for around fifteen minutes before getting frustrated. I went downstairs into the bathroom, locked the door, and turned on the shower so no one would wonder what was taking so long. I found a tweezers and began working with it. Tweezers in my right had, tiny silver ball in my left I began fiddling inside my mouth. The barbell kept sliding out so I had to keep putting it back in. As per the experiences, I expected there to be much more drooling involved, but there was hardly any at all.

Twenty minutes later, I thought maybe it would be easier to screw on if I had it in my right hand. So, I switched the barbell around and took up the tweezers in my left hand and the tiny silver ball in my right. After about ten minutes I finally got the ball on the end, and I threw down the tweezers and sighed in relief. I swallowed and then opened my mouth and began inspecting my handiwork. It was a teensy bit shallow, but I thought it would probably be alright. So, I rinsed my mouth with some water and then brushed my teeth again.

It took a few minutes of getting used to, but I could talk without sounding like I had a lisp or anything although eating was a good trick. The barbell would slide around inside my mouth when I was chewing and gave me the impression I was chewing on the metal, even though I wasn't. So I spent a while being frustrated with it. But then I found a way to position the barbell under my tongue so that it stays put and I can eat normally. Plus, in this position, I cannot play with it, which I tend to do.

It didn't swell, bleed, or cause me any discomfort at all. But, if it began to get sore after a meal or something, I would swish with ice water or eat a popsicle and then it would be fine.

Aftercare: I have been trying to stay away from dairy products for the first couple of days as I heard these can be harmful to fresh oral piercings. I wash my mouth out with water and then brush my teeth after each meal and use a cotton swab with some saline solution on it to clean the plaque off (if you get it before it starts to harden, your life will be so much easier).

All of this took place about three in the afternoon two days ago. It's three in the morning now, so it's been in for approximately 36 hours. This morning when I woke up, it was a tiny bit swollen, but I drank some cold water and the swelling went away. It isn't sore or red at all and I sometimes forget it's there.

Anyone who is looking into this piercings, I say definitely go for it! Some people think it's pointless, but I like it because it's my own little secret accomplishment that only a select few people know about. As for the whole "don't do it yourself, your tongue will fall off" thing...all lies. I talked to a piercer in my town (a family friend) and she said there is virtually (not 100%, but almost) no possible way to lose your tongue to this piercing, even if it gets infected. If you're going to do it yourself, make sure you use proper equipment and follow correct procedures. You won't be disappointed with this piercing.

Good luck and happy [insert preferred body mod] ing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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