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Center Tongue Piercing

So let me first start off by saying I've wanted my tongue pierced since I was in High School, my parents aren't exactly open to piercings and tattoos. Which is why I waited 4 years for this particular piercing [I've had my septum pierced twice, lips pierced three times, cartilage, orbital and have my ears stretched]. The tongue was a huge deal for me and the piercing that scared me the most. It's a major muscle and I always expect the worst when it comes to piercings, this however just feeds my desire to have one.

I am currently house sitting with my friend for two weeks so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get it done, allow for the healing process, go home and have it not be so noticeable. I made my appointment a week before getting it done, and waited anxiously for the day to come. I have a small tongue so I didn't think it would be possible to get a center piercing, I was convinced I'd have to resort to venoms, which are pretty sweeet if you ask me, but they look like they'd be harder to hide.

The day came and I was pumped, pumped and anxious to get it over with, I always end up psyching myself out for these things and thinking the pain will be far worse then it actually is. My friend and I arrive at the shop and the lady takes my information, I go back and my friend comes with me. The lady asks me to sit down, and stick my tongue out so she can examine if I'll be able to get the center piercing. To my surprise it turns out I can, she marks the spot where the jewelry will go and I find myself content with its placement. She then hands me mouth wash, dries out my tongue and tells me to hold the cup under my chin in case of drooling, thank god because I did drool, it was slightly embarrassing but inevitable so I didn't mind so much. Many people say the clamp is the most painful part of the procedure but in all honesty I didn't mind it at all. I could feel the needle going through it but it didn't hurt either, and just like that it was done! Seconds after it was all finished, jewelry put in and all, I started feeling the pressure under my tongue and that is probably what hurt the most at the time. The lady then asks me to do a few simple exercises without sticking my tongue out, like moving my tongue side to side to see if the bar bell would interfere with my teeth, she then asks me to say a simple sentence, to my surprise saying "something with S's" proves to be more difficult then I expected. She runs through the after care procedures with me and tells me to come back in three weeks to downsize my bar bell. At this point I'm pumped I actually got it done, and my friend high fives me and congratulates me on this big success. We walk out and I try talking to him and find myself having acquired a slight lisp. We head over to the Super Store to buy some Oral B alcohol free mouth was, recommended by the piercer. You're supposed to rinse your mouth after everything you eat or drink that's not water. You're also supposed to suck on ice
24/7 unless you're sleeping, I don't know if it's just me but this is the hardest process of it all, sucking on ice hurts like a mother but it's supposed to help with the swelling.

That very same day I head over to DQ and try to eat a blizzard, didn't happen right away, I came home, rinsed and grabbed some cold water. By the end of the night my tongue has swelled a little but it wasn't too much of a big deal. The pain however had gotten a little bit worse so I ended up taking some medicine my friends mom had given me, apparently stronger then T3's, they did the trick. I went to bed that night and woke up a total of three times due to the pain. At one point I'm half asleep, feel something in my tongue, I'm so out of it that I forget I just pierced my tongue and try to move whatever's in it WITH my tongue, big mistake, I shoot out of bed, run downstairs and grab some more ice water to numb the pain. I woke up today to find my tongue has decided to swell even more, it is now twice the size that it used to be, but nothing too serious, just what I'd expected.

It hasn't even been 24 hours since the piercing but everything's going smoothly. The only pain in the ass is the healing process, not being able to talk, or eat. I'd definitely recommend getting your tongue pierced if you've been thinking about it. Getting it done doesn't hurt, and I cannot wait until this puppy is healed and I'm able to talk and eat again. So if you're thinking about it, get 'er done! It is so worth it, and I'm already thinking of my next piercing I can get.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: I+forgot+to+ask.
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