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My best friend and I went to get my venoms done yesterday. There is a good and clean piercing & tattoo studio with great staff as well as prices, Studio 316L. She and I have been going there for our mods for a while already, and it is a place both of us love and trust. I also was happy to go there, because the piercer was very good at her work, I've seen her do crazy piercings really well and knew that she was my definite choice right away.

The first time I saw photos of venoms, I knew I wanted them done, however I was always terrified of tongue piercings all my life. One day, though, I started thinking about getting new mods and there...I finally decided that I'm going to get them done! I was very excited and started mentally preparing myself for the big day. I chose the day after my last day of high school, in case I'd have trouble communicating verbally.

Anyways, we went in, greeted the receptionist (who is also the boss), and I told her what I want. After that I paid $40 and proceeded to the piercing room. As my piercer prepared the necessary things for the procedure, someone called her with some bad news, and she left somewhere...which seemed to be around 15 minutes...we were a little bit annoyed, but I was willing to wait. To my surprise I wasn't scared a bit (and I'm always so shaky and terrified before any piercing, even standard earlobes...). When she came back, she gave me a little cup of Listerine to rinse my mouth, then asked me to stick out my tongue and put a piece of a paper towel to dry it and also gave me another piece to hold in case i drool. Since every person who gets this piercing done in different ways, I showed my piercer a photo that I found of exactly how I want mine - closer to the tip, rather than in the back, and wider set apart, just surpassing my two

huge tongue veins (I always thought it was weird that I could see them so easily, but alas, that came in very handy now!). The first time she marked it, it couldn't be done, because when she pulled my tongue up to check if it would hit a vein, it would appear so. She then remarked it perfectly and clamped my tongue (which wasn't uncomfortable at all, unlike a lot of people seem to say!). Yes, it hurt, but not nearly as much as I always thought it would! I was really preparing myself for the worst pain ever, and luckily it wasn't that at all. I could feel the needle slowly but surely go through in every bit, and both times it was exactly the same (a lot of times people say that one of their venoms hurt more than the other one). Also to my surprise i didn't drool at all, nor did I bleed any, which was good, of course.

The piercer then took a mirror so I could see my new mods and I absolutely fell in love with them!

The two bars in my mouth felt absolutely natural!

I started feeling tiny bit lightheaded, and so I layed down for a minute. When I thought I was better, I took my best friend and we headed out. We had to go up the stairs to get to the street, and as soon as i walked out, I started feeling very faint, so I grabbed nearest pole and slid down on the ground. The next bunch of minutes were hell....I started feeling very bad, it felt like I was under water, with foggy vision and dimmed sound. I got very scared and thought i was dying, that's exactly how it felt like. I literally felt my heart almost stopping and was trying to grasp air like a fish out of the water...and screaming "Help" to my best friend, who thank goodness came with me that day. She called the piercer, and when she came, my friend ran to get me a can of Pepsi. I thought that a vein or a nerve was hit, because I wasn't really scared when I was getting pierced and I did eat beforehand....long story short, after an hour or two of being not able to get up, I was fina lly completely fine.

By the way...a little background on the above incident, because I don't want to scare off anyone who wants to get this mod done! This thing was the third time it happened to me. I don't know why, still trying to figure it out. The piercer said it was because I lacked oxygen. The first time was when i was getting my left side of a lip pierced, but then I knew that the piercer hit the bad spot, because I was bleeding like crazy, as soon as he put the needle through, and the second time was when giving blood for a test in a hospital (mind you, they poked my arm at least three times, using an excuse that they couldn't find my vein). I don't react like this to all needle pokes...despite numerous blood tests, shots, and one horrible spinal tap, I do have 18 various piercings now, so don't think that this is so going to happen to you. Just do make sure you eat well. =)

Now for the whole first day i got my venoms, not only I could talk fine, but i could also play around with them a bit. However, I was dreading the next morning, which people say is the worst.

Today (the first "dreadful" morning) was absolutely fine! Yes, my tongue did swell up twice its size, and filled the bar spaces completely, but it's absolutely fine, and not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it'd be. I've been eating soup, icecream, and applesauce, as well as drinking non hot tea and a lot of water to prevent dehydration, which would suck for the healing process. I use rinse a bunch of times and brush my teeth carefully. I did take 3 Advils today, not because it hurts (I feel fine), but to try to bring the swelling down...but it didn't do jack at all! And so I'm not going to be taking any pills for this anymore.

So far it's going great, and I'm sure the end will be magnificent! I absolutely LOVE my venoms! :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Rita
Studio: 316L
Location: Queens%2C+NY

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