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My new tongue piercing

Hi Everyone,

Let me first start off by saying thank you, thank you to everyone who wrote their experiences on www.bmezine.com because without you guys writing your experiences about tongue piercing here I don't think I would have gone through with it.

Lets start with a bit of background shall we, im Sarah, Im 20 and love piercings and tattoos. I have 4 Tattoos and a few piercings (tragus both sides, eyebrow, nose, Naval twice, nipple, various cartilage piercings on my ears and my industrial bar which has sadly been retired due to lack of healing)

Onto the main story here, my awesome new tongue piercing!!

I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was about 14 now, back then it was a lot less common. I remember seeing it on a girl in a clothing store and I knew I wanted it strait away. It just fascinated me!

I went home to ask my dad, knowing exactly what the answer would be, a big fat NO! I tried asking loads and loads of times but he really wasn't having it so I gave up. Skip forward 4 years and my best mate gets it done, I am so jealous at this point and think sod it, im going for it!! Long story short...I chickened out...!!

And to the present day, after searching through Facebook pictures I find my friend has had it done and it looks gorgeous, makes her look so sexy so I decide on it.

Im not the type of girl to rush in without research so you can guess where I came! Upon looking through all the story's I decided to do it the next day, that was Thursday and here I am now with a spanking new hole in my tongue!!

I wish to describe my experience to you all.

I went to my favorite piercers, Tribal Voice in my hometown of Plymouth, Ive been there for everything that I have and trust them 100%.

I found the whole experience to be a lot more pleasant than I thought it would be.

Im not going to lie to you, I had my tongue numbed so I felt bugger all to be honest, if you have the opportunity to use numbing cream then go for it. Some people may see this point of view to be wrong as it apparently takes away from the experience. The experience for me is having a nice piece of jewelry at the end of it, not to feel as much pain as possible.

Anyway, back to the story.

I sat on the couch and poked my tongue out. Hayley my piercer examined it, This is where I panicked. I have got a small tongue so was worried I couldn't do it.

She then got a purple marker and marked the place it was going through. It was perfect. She then dried my tongue off with a piece of blue roll (which felt horrible!) She got her tub of numbing solution out and put some on a clean wooden spreader and spread it on my tongue and told me to close my mouth and let my saliva mix with it as that is what makes it numb.

I got to say, it tasted like crap, imagine how Dettol would taste...Yuk!!

That was in my mouth for around 5 minutes and my mouth was totally numb! Awesome.

She placed the clamps around the dots on my tongue and asked me to poke my tongue out as much as possible and there it was, my new bar! It really was that simple, I didn't feel any pain whatsoever, just a pressure as she was pushing the needle through.

Due to the swelling that happens with tongue piercings, my piercers rule is to put a large plastic flexi bar in your tongue during the healing process and then replace it with a nice metal bar free of charge which is good. All of this cost me £27. She then gave me a cup of water and asked me to swill my mouth out and spit the blood out which I don't know if anyone has tried to do that with a numb tongue and lips but its bloody hard!!!

Onto the Aftermath of it....

On the day I was walking around town for 5 hours after I had it done, it didn't swell and I ate KFC fine and could talk ok. I remember thinking woo yeah, ive got away with it, none of the nasty swelling that you have, I rule!!! ....

That went away by the time I got home...

My tongue started to swell but to be honest it wasn't that bad, nowhere near what I had expected, it was a little uncomfortable but nothing more, no pain, until.. My friends aunt asked me if I wanted to have a few drinks, I said no but she said pure vodka would do it good. I had one shot and that was more than enough, my tongue swelled like a beach ball. Very unpleasant. So I rinsed my mouth out with Listerine and it was ok again.

The next challenge was trying to eat something, I stupidly choose to ignore the advice my piercer gave me and tried some crisps. This just didn't work. So I gave up and had some lemon sorbet, that felt soooo damn good, and it really helped to reduce a lot of the swelling.

Your best friends throughout the first 4 days is Ibuprofen, Mouthwash and icy goods!

I went to bed like normal feeling ok, my tongue wasn't all that swollen and it didn't hurt. The next day when I woke up was completely different, it was swollen to at least double its size, hurt a lot and I appeared to have acquired the most fantastic Lisp!!

I took some ibuprofen, brushed my teeth and mouth washed and before long (About half an hour), It had gone back down to a more manageable size.

I stuck to eating tins of soups and mash until last night (the 3rd day of having it), when we were caught a bit short and were out and I was starving, So I went to a Chinese shop and got some chicken fried rice!! It took an age to eat it but I managed it!!

And onto today, I have woken up on this, the 4th day feeling fine! My tongue is nigh on back to normal proportions and isn't sore woo!! There is however a wonderful looking ball shaped indent in the top of my tongue where the ball sits and that don't look to good but im sure it will go with time! Still have the wonderful lisp but its kind of amusing so im growing used to it to be honest!

Onto the future... I LOVE my new tongue piercing, it looks so sexy and its great fun to piss people off who don't like it by sticking your tongue at them (namely foster mum). I would go back and do all of it again if for some reason it came out because it looks awesome!

My fiancé loves it and can't wait till it heals he he!

My top tips to people would be...

  • Icy goods are your friend!!!

  • Don't drink, especially on the first day, it hurts like hell!

  • Keep a lot of ibuprofen nearby, not so much for the pain but to help keep

the swelling down (49p for 16 at Wilkinson's woo!)

  • Don't be afraid to try to eat, it gives your tongue some exercise and as it's a muscle, this is vital for good healing. It may hurt but stick at it


And most of all, if your sat here thinking oh I don't know....my main advice would be DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!! I promise you, You won't be disappointed by the end result and it really isn't as painful/ unmanageable as people like to make out!

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them for you :)

Just drop me an email!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Hayley
Studio: Tribal+Voice
Location: Plymouth%2C+Devon%2C+England

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