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I Love My Tongue Piercing!

I'm only 15 years old but I already have a lot of knowledge about piercings and body modification. For more than a year now , I've been very interested in it. I had triple pierced lobes , then at the age of 14 I self pierced my own right nostril. I didn't use a very good technique (in fact I used a sharp gun stud , but at the time I didn't no anything about piercings..) but it turned out fine and I've had it for a year now and nothing's ever happened to it :) I've also self pierced my rook (it rejected) , navel (also rejected) and helix/upper cartilage (I still have it).

Before this experience happened , I'd never been inside a professional piercers or tattoo studio before. I live on a Scottish island and to get to this studio , I had to get a 3 hour ferry/boat ride and then a hour bus ride! But it was all worth it because I love my new piercing to bits!

I'd wanted a tongue piercing for a long time and I'd never thought I'd manage to convince my mum to let me get one. I just could never imagine her letting me get a tongue piercing. Her first rule was that I was not allowed it until I moved out! Then after a bit of begging , she agreed I could get it at 16. But for me , this wasn't good enough haha. I begged and begged and told her that I would pay for it myself etc.and that I could buy a retainer to hide it if I ever needed to hide (luckily my school has no rules about piercings) and finally she agreed I could get it the next time we went to the mainland as long as I paid for it myself.

Luckily for me , my birthday had only been a couple of weeks before and I had enough money left for the piercing! We bought ferry and bus tickets for the following Saturday. I phoned the piercer and booked the appointment for 12pm that Saturday. They told me that it would cost £30 (thats $60 US). The whole week in school I was so excited for Saturday to come!

On Saturday , we'd just got off the bus. We walked up to the piercers. We had to walk a few streets and then climb like one hundred stairs! Not fun!

When we got inside the piercers , I told them I had booked the appointment and they remembered me from over the phone. They gave forms to me and my mum to sign. After we signed them , I gave them to the lady at the desk. Then my mum left (to go shopping in the city that we were in , on my island we don't have such a good variety of shops lol). I had to wait about 20 minutes while they did someones tattoo.

Then I was called to the back. There was my piercer there and an apprentice. I don't know any of their names .. sorry lol. The piercer asked if I wanted it numbed , and I said that yes I did. The numbing stuff tasted horrible! Then he told me to lift my tongue up to make sure that it could actually be pierced. And he said it was fine. Then he marked it. He didn't ask me if the placement was okay. But thats okay. As long it's centered and doesn't go through a vein I'm okay with it.

Then he got out the clamps and put them on my tongue. Lots of people say this hurts. But it doesn't. Seriously , I couldn't even feel them. Then I saw getting out the needle. I shut my eyes and as he pushed it through I was surprised that it didn't hurt much. Sure , I could feel it going through and it was a bit sharp but nothing unbearable. Then he inserted the 22mm long barbell. This hurt a bit but same as the piercing - nothing unbearable.

Then he went over the aftercare. Alcohol free mouthwash (I use one anyway so that was okay) in the morning and night time. And water or salt water after you eat or drink anything other than water. Then I got told no oral sex or snogging for at least 2 weeks. Then he gave me the sterilised in packet 16mm long bar (so I can change it in 2 weeks myself because I couldn't get it changed at the piercer as I live too far away.)

I paid my £30 and left. I was super happy! =D I met up with my mum and showed her. She didn't like it , but I didn't care. She'd given me permission to get it and that is all that mattered to me. For that day all I drank was water. I hadn't eaten since 8am that morning and when I got home at 10pm I had some soup and then rinsed out with water. For that day/night my tongue was really sore whenever I moved it.

The next day I woke up and it didn't hurt at all. Okay , it had swollen up a bit. But then like 4 hours later , I managed to have Sunday lunch. A roast beef. I ate in the side of my mouth though.

The healing process was so annoying! It was swollen for a week and I had a horrible lisp. My friends made fun of me lol. I changed the barbell after 9 days and it's been fine apart from when one of the balls unscrewed in the middle of an exam! But I managed to keep the barbell in and put the ball on at break time.

I recommend a tongue piercing to anyone that wants one. Seriously , it doesn't hurt getting pierced. The healing process is really annoying but it's totally worth it! I love my tongue piercing! Oh and I actually got it pierced 2 weeks ago , not 1 week as I chose on the section thing (it was the closest thing to 2 weeks).

Joanne x


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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