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When I was ten saw somebody with a tongue piercing. I automatically fell in love with it. When I asked my mom if I could get she immediately said no. I didn't even have my earlobes pierced. Every year, for my birthday, I asked if I could get it done and each year she said no. when I turned 15 she let me get my nose pierced. When I turned 16 she let me get a tattoo and still she would not let me get my tongue pierced.By that time I was fed up and would do almost anything to be able to get it done.

One day while talking to one of my friends she mentioned  The Black Pearl. They don't I.D. if you have a facial piercing. I already have my nose pierced so I was all set. All I had to do was figure out, where it was, how much it cost and then get the money to do it. I found out that it was downtown and I refuse to go there by myself,. I would have to wait until I could have one of my friends come with me. It took a couple of months for me to work everything out and find a way to hide it from my parents.

On November 28, 2007 I got my tongue pierced. It cost $30 to get it done. My friend decided that she wanted to get hers done with me so me, her and about 6 of our other friends went together. When we got there we realized it was in an old hair salon. The still had the sinks in the store. Of course we still decided to get it done there even though we could tell it wasn't sanitary in the least bit. The guy at the counter told us to go to the back and that we should wait there. We sat in a waiting room for about 20 min. while the piercer talked with some people. We could see people getting tattoos done while we sat there. The tattoos looked like a blind person had done them. Yet we continued to get our tongues pierced.

When we finally went to the room to get them done the piercer asked who wanted to go first. I decided that I would go ahead and get it over and done with. She told me to sit on top of the counter while she marked my tongue. I was really excited. I've been wanting my tongue pierced since I was ten. When she finally marked it she clamped it. I thought it felt I little over to the side too much but I didn't saw anything. She took the needle and told me to take a deep breath. While I did she shoved the needle threw my tongue. It didn't hurt too much. It felt like a really hard pinch. She put in the jewelry, which hurt more than the actual piercing, and told me to go ahead and look at it. When I got down one of my friends asked to see it. I showed her and she looked a bit freaked out and told me to go look in the mirror. I thought something ad gone wrong but when I looked in the mirror I noticed that she had pierced it to the side instead of in the middle. I asked why she did that and she said that I had too many veins running down the middle of my tongue.

The next day I went to Cheap Trix, which is where I got my nose done. They said that it  wasn't wrong to have it pierced to the side but, I could have it pierced in the middle if I wanted to. By this time I had already fallen in love with it so I didn't want to take it out. I decided that as soon as I could I would get the other side done too.  For the next two weeks I religiously cleaned my piercing. I used mouthwash after I brushed my teeth in the morning and night. However, I'm a smoker and I knew that using too much mouth wash could turn my tongue yellow, so I made salt water and carried it around with me. After every cigarette I would rinse my mouth out.

The swelling went down after about a week, which was good because the barbell was too short anyways. I've had it for about 4 months now and I love it. I still haven't been able to get the other side pierced but I want to go to Cheap Trix to get that done.

There are a few words of advice I would like to give. DON'T go to The Black Pearl. They are unprofessional and unsanitary. ALWAYS ask to see the mark before they pierce. And finally no matter what people say about piercing studios always go and check it out before you decide to go there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Studio: The+Black+Pearl
Location: St.+Louis%2C+MO

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