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Aftercare is a Bitch

I have a fair few piercings and got the urge to get something else about a month ago.I saw a girl with cute venom piercing, two piercings either side her tongue.

I thought, why not, my cousin recently had her tongue pierced in the center and had no problems with it .

I the place I go to for all my piercings is safe and clean and have a £10 piercing offer on so why not ! Im more than familiar with this place, ive had 2 lip piercings, lobes, nose and both tragus' done here, ive been with my cousin for her tongue, 2 lips, tragus and surface tragus, we've all had great piercing experiences here. ( I recomend this place and Harriet to anyone in the area)

I asked for Harriet at the counter and picked a purple 20 mm x1.6mm bar and waited around for it to be put in the sterilizer.

Ive had so many piercings I rarely get the nervous energy that seems to make it less painful! But I sat up on the desk and explained I wanted the piercing on the right side of my tongue, so that I could come back later and have the left side pierced.

I poked my tongue out as far as I could, I have a short tongue and was worried it might not be long enough for a piercing - but it was fine!

The veins under my tongue were checked and double checked - Harriet even checked the other side of my tongue to make sure there was room for my next one ! ( there is ).

Then she clamped my tongue, which dug in a bit, then the needle went through, a slight twinge of pain, but the clamps were more uncomfortable! The needle was pulled out and the recieving tube was in my tongue whilst she fetched the bar, i drooled all down my chin.

The bar was slid in, the ball screwed on top, my chin wiped and i was handed a glass of water and asked if i was fine, and told I could sit there as long as I needed.

I put my tongue back into my mouth and it settled and felt funny. I could talk and i sipped water.

I left the store and i felt very dizzy - id had nothing but coke zero all day. I needed a sugar fix!

I poked my tongue out carefully and there was some blood ontop, but I drank water and it went away and stopped within 4 minutes.

As the bar was settling in the underneath ball rubbed the bottom of my mouth, that was really sore and lasted for a few days whilst my mouth adjusted to everything.

The following week my tongue painfully swelled, I had lymph and a white film over my tongue that felt like sand paper. I drank ALOT of ice water and that helped, I ate mashed potato and gravy, soup and ice cream and some weetabix. That was about all I could manage but I needed alot of water to get it down.

The underneath ball still hurt, so I invested in a tube of Bonjela, it helped a little bit and I think aided the healing slightly.

Ibruprofen helped alot, I rinsed with pure listerine and salt water, following the cleaning instructions from the booklet the piercer gave me.

Listerine is a god send, I used the green one, most people say water it down, but I decided to just rinse with it and test what it would do, it stings for a few moments and then your mouth goes numb - trust me this is a GREAT feeling first thing in the morning. I woke up everyday to a swollen tongue.

I developed a swollen tastebud at the front of my bar, it was sore, but I just kept cleaning my mouth like usual and it went away after a couple of days.

I found one thing really annoying whilst I was trying to heal my piercing - people around me asking to see it all the time! I had to explain each time why it was on the right side and also why it didnt look so great at the moment ( it was healing!)

It was painful to eat and talk for a full week, but after that week the white protective tongue film slowly started disapeering, i was able to move my tongue alot better and the swelling slowly reduced. You have to perserve in moving it though, dont give up on it, and NEVER just remove the bar because you cant cope, you will most likely get a BAD infection. Talking it fine now, it just takes a while to get used to moving your tongue and saying long words. I can eat anything I like, I just have to be careful not to bite on the bar if Im chewing a big mouthful - theres always a risk I could bite the bar and chip a tooth, but its not a concern if you are careful or have a plastic bar - which I will eventually get round to buying.

I can even roll my tongue just like before the piercing! Whilst it was swollen and healing there was no hope of me rolling it! But now I can do it fine, so long as i dont get the bar caught on my teeth =]

I love my new tongue piercing now, but because of the painful after care, it will be a while before I get my left sided one !

I think it is worth doing as long as you understand the aftercare is more complicated than getting the actual piercing - and a hell of a lot more sore.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Harriet
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Doncaster

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