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S'grand (Y)

So finally after months of waiting,, I got my tongue pierced yesterday =].

I'd been planning for weeks and my dad finally gave in and gave me the money to get it done. On the morning he tried to convince me not to get it done but I told him he may fuck off kos its my tongue not his. He did make me a bit nervous though.

So I went into town yesterday morning with a couple friends and waited for my other friend to come in because the piercing place scared me and my friend knew all the people so I wanted him to come with me.

As I told a couple of the lads about what I was getting done the all told me to show them the underside of my tongue. I did and they all said oh fuck you have a vein in the middle of your tongue they wont pierce it if you do. So I freaked out really. I wanted this piercing so bad.

So eventually the fella I was waiting for came in and me, him and three other friends went to SwineLine. I was shitting myself in case they couldn't do it.

We got there and I told the people what I wanted done. The piercer [Pepper,who was my friends brother] asked if I was 16 [I'm 14] and i said yes,, he laughed completely not believing me and handed me a form to fill out. Basic questions really. Am I pregnant, on meds etc. Then he sprayed my tongue with bad-tasting stuff that slightly numbed my tongue. He checked my tongue and said nothing about a vein in the middle or anything so I was soo relieved.

I had the numbing spray on for a few minutes, it tasted nasty. Then I was told to sit down on the piercing chair. My nerves were going mad. He told me to pat my tongue dry with kitchen paper. Then he marked where I was to get pierced. Next he clamped my tongue and pulled it out. He showed me that he was opening a new needle etc. Then came the needle. There was some pain and I squeezed my friends hand til it turned purple, hehe. He kept telling me to stick my tongue out further but I have a short tongue so I couldn't. He poked my lip with the needle a little but it was grand. But it wasnt too bad really. Then he pushed in the barbell and screwed on the balls. I finally could put my tongue back in my mouth, it felt weird. I was so relieved there was no blood, blood freaks me out abit.Pepper explained what I should do and what I couldn't do, gave me a sheet saying the same and sent me on my way.

Everyone who saw me yesterday thought it was well cool. Everyone took the piss out of how I was speaking, with a fairly heavy lisp. I had a few cups of ice, well I tried to anyway, sucking the ice was hard to do.. I bought some Listerine mouthwash which was hard to use seeing as I couldn't spit..Annoying but oh well.

There was a little bit of swelling yesterday and it hurt to talk too much. I've been taking ibuprofen, so maybe that why today it hasnt swelled much at al. Theres only pain when I talk too much at one time and I still have the silly lisp. I can eat if I put food in the side of my mouth and chew it really slowly. I'm well scared of biting the bar kos I heard it really really sore..Pain and me dont go well at all at all. It's slightly bruised but over all its fairly alright. I'm rinsing my mouth out with Listerine and sea salt mixed with warm water every four or five hours so I'm hoping I won't get an infection. I've smoked fags about twice since getting it done but rinsed well after each because I'm actually terrified about it getting infected..

The piercer was some laugh and real friendly and the piercing looks deadly. I can't wait til it heals and I can properly eat again, I'm missing my food, the piercing was so so worth it though. I'm gonna get deadly new barbells when it heals. Really can't wait for that. So I'm definetly well pleased I got it done after so many weeks of wanting it. Hiding it in school it going to be a bit difficult..But I have two weeks Easter holidays now so hopefully I'll be talking properly and not swollen by the time I have to go back. If not sure fuck it. I'll figure out something.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Pepper
Studio: SwineLine
Location: Waterford%2C%2C+Ireland

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