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"Oh my god AHHHHHH"

Can I just clarify the person screaming there was my best mate, who is a total wimp ;)

Well about 4 months ago now actually my mum struck a deal with me. She detested my flesh tunnels with a passion, and one afternoon watching tele she came up to me "Liv. If you promise me, you will shrink those blasted holes to an acceptable size, i'll let you get your tongue pierced." I was shocked, but aggreed, I mean, I only have 2 years left at home before I can re-stretch them :P

So yeah, that weekend I woke up at my friends pub after an absolutely amazing gig (Architects, Pressure Point), and decided right, today is THE day, and rang my mum and told her that today was the day.

So, it's half 4, i'm sitting outside Jazz Body with my best mate waiting for my mummy to arrive, and here she comes with my little sister in tow. By this time I was getting some major butterflies, I have had 18 mods before this, but I dunno why, this was my tongue, I use this to speak, eat, drink, everything ;) haha!

Jazz Body is brilliant, they have so much to look at to take your mind off the fact they are about to hurt you! I had been staring at the pretty pictures and posters for about 10 minutes while my mum filled in the consent form and I heard Sam call me. I grabbed my mates hand and dragged her in with me. Sam checked my tongue for about a minute to make sure it was suitable, if at this point he had said it wasn't I would have cried, but no, all good, away we go.

He made me go and rinse my mouth out, and I saw my best mates eyes widen at the sight of the needle, I admit, I hate looking at them, but I just deal with it. So I sat down, butterflies going CRAZY now and Sam clamped me.

Then came the AHHHHHHHHHHHH. He had just stuck a needle though my tongue, i'm sitting there trying to say "Susy what's wrong" but it sounding like "bleugh bleugh bleugh". My mum came running wondering what the noise was, and Sam found it all rather funny I think. during the chaos he put the jewellery back in and when I put my tongue back in my mouth it felt totally alien.

I walked around town sticking my tongue out at friends I bumped into, not believing what I had just done, but totally loving the feeling at the same time.

An hour after the piercing I was sitting in my mates house, surrounded by drunk people eating Pizza, her mum kindly brought me a glass of ice cubes and patted my head, and then left me to 'enjoy' their company.

The next day I was even more swollen, I could not speak at all, and worst of all I couldn't eat. I bought myself a big foam cup of soup at my little brother's rugby game, drank it then realised "what an idiot" my tongue bar was now boling hot, not alot of fun at all!

Third day - swelling going down, I could now speak again but I heard 'say sausages' about a million times, the lisp is not fun at all! Gradually getting used to mouthwashing all the time.

1st week - not all bad, can speak almost normally, still bit swollen but ahh well, still not enjoying the constant taste of mouthwash but if I will insist on smoking what do I expect?

2nd week - still not changed bar yet, still swollen. Total normal movement is resumed in my tongue. I have taken to the bad habit of running the ball along my teeth, my dentist will LOVE me for that!

3rd week - bar change, swelling went down almost instantly, I feel invincible, I can now do anything with my tongue :D

2 months - Shock horror, I got drunk and the ball fell off, the bar fell out, and I had to drunkenly get it back in. It hated me for that, it swelled up and meant mouthwash again, but went down in a few days!

4 months - I treated myself to some new balls and bars and 'attachments' for it, I am loving this so much haha.

I have my septum planned as my next mod, that's gonna be a right barrel of laughs! I am gonna go back to Jazz for it aswell as I trust them totally, and also they sent me a five pound off voucher so that is my excuse to my mother, who told me after my tongue that there is no new holes, ever again! Well, she thinks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Jazz+Body
Location: Eastbourne%2C+the+dirty+south

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