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Not my best piercing experience.

I had dabbled with the idea of getting my tongue pierced over the last couple years but had never seriously considered it. For background info, I have three cartilage piercings, my nostril and my nipples pierced, as well as having had 2g lobes in the past. The last little while I have been experiencing some serious piercing cravings (if you have a few extra holes, I'm sure you know what I mean), but kept saying there was nothing left I really wanted to pierce.

However, yesterday, two of my best friends decided they wanted to go and get matching tattoos. This plan was on somewhat of a whim, and I did not want to commit to something as permanent as a tattoo without putting some serious thought into it first, so I decided I would get my tongue pierced while I was at the shop with them.

We ventured out to Lucky13, which I had never been to previously, but had heard good things about from a friend who had been tattooed there. After consulting with the very jolly honor at the front desk, I had my "last supper" of sushi next door, knowing it'd be unlikely I'd be able to eat much for a while. An hour later we returned to the tattoo parlour to have the procedures done.

The piercer took me into a room in the back, but didn't allow a friend to come back with me, which did not put me at ease. The piercer was rather cold and unfriendly, which didn't help me while I was gripping the edges of the bench. My other piercers have made small talk, and allowed me to ask questions, explained what they were doing and all that jazz. This woman just didn't seem to be much a 'people person'. She had me gargle, wiped my tongue dry, felt around, then made some markings, all in silence. I'm used to a piercer allowing me to check out the placing of the marks before they pierce, but she didn't offer.

After applying the clamp, which wasn't painful in the least, she told me to take a deep breath and then pushed the needle through.

My research and stories from friends had told me that this was one of the least painful piercings there is, but it was the opposite experience for me. Out of all my piercings, nipples and nostrils included, this was most painful, and I let out a bit of a yelp while it was being done. It was a sharp pain, and throbbed a lot afterwards. As soon as the needle went in, my glands under my tongue watered like mad, and I dribbled down my shirt. For the next half hour while I was watching my friends get their tattoos done, I sat basically in silence, much to my friends' amusement.

After getting some aftercare advice and buying some special mouthwash, I went and bought a bottle of advil, and got a cup of ice at the nearest starbucks. Talking for the next couple hours was difficult, and swelling set in. I continued to take advil ever couple hours, and periodically chew on ice.

I actually managed to eat a couple fries very carefully last night, and today eating was not a huge problem, I just chewed off to the side and ate slowly. It's swollen just to a little less than the bar can handle, but is only very mildly tender where the ball presses into the top of my tongue. It appears to be co-operating and healing pretty well already, about 36 hours later. I joke about it being the best diet plan I've invested in, because I don't want to have to bother cleaning it, so I just don't snack!

I like the piercing, but my experience with this piercer was not the most pleasant. As well, I wish I had spoken up about checking her placement markings, because the piercing is slightly off to the right of centre of my tongue. However, the other staff at the parlour were awesome, and I'd go back for a tattoo when the time is right.

Overall, my expectations were reversed for this piercing; I thought the procedure would be painless, and the aftercare uncomfortably painful. Already I'm able to eat and speak clearly. It is also hardly noticeable while I am talking, which is a good thing before I decide to break this one to my mom. Aftercare for the piercing is also very simple.

But hey, the pain of the piercing only lasts a minute, the swelling a week, and the reward as long as you'd like to enjoy it.

I would recommend this parlour for tattooing, but would not tell anyone to go and get pierced there while this artist is working.

Happy piercing, kids!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Stacy
Studio: Lucky13+Tattoos+%26+Piercings
Location: Toronto

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