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my tragic tongue

Tragic tongue

I want to start off by saying this shouldn't make anyone not want to get their tongue pierced. I just have some rediculous bad luck.

I've wanted my tongue pierced for a really long time. I had to wait till I had a job that allowed it and I had moved out of my house. So I did because I am restpectfull to my parents wished even though nothing would make me happier that giving my mother a heart attack. But I digress.

It took me a few years, but I have my own place and everythings gravy. At my job we have "floating holidays" which pretty much means I have 3 days a year I can take off and still get paid. So I chopped that together with a 3 day weekend and POW I got me 6 days to let the swelling go down, stress free!

I made my appointment at the shop and waited for the days to tick by. Finally came the thursday afternoon I was gonna get my tongue skewered! So I left work, in my suit and heels haha and stepped into the shop. Everyone knows me because I have racked up quite the hours getting inked.

Everything went smoothly, and I drove away happy with my tongue pierced. That's when it started going wrong.

Someone crashed into me! All the bouncing about and such made me bite my not even 10 minute old piecing, and the entrance hole ripped. LOVELY. The car was fine, I just wanted to get home.

By then my tongue was huuuuge to th point I could barely swallow. So I took some ibprofen, sis a sea salt swish, and sucked on ice till my freezer was empty.

Next day.

My tongue is a lot less swollen but the bar is crooked. Not noticeable to anyone but me, but still. So I went back and they stretched it to a 12 so it would even out. It did. I have no problem cuz I want to get it to a 4g anyway so it's oh well.

When I get to my house, it has been broken into and there's blood everywhere. So I call the police and I can barely speak because of the damnable new barbell. They leave and I clean up my poor house, come to find all my sea salt is on the floor. So is my EXTENSIVE and quite EXPENSIVE collection of body jewlery. All my 5/8" plugs are broken. My favorite.....double flare white opal...they are all shattered.

I almost killed myself.

After I clean it all up, I find I have swallowed a ball from my barbell. Perfect! And I have nothing to replace it with. I had to resort to a blob of wax from when I had braces. Yummy.

I ran out to the mall to find a replacement ball, but all the carts with replacement balls are closed.

The world hates me I swear.

I managed to find an ugly plastic ball at hot topic and called it a day.

I didn't leave my house for 6 days. I didnt want to risk anything else....

Healing was completely and utterly uneventfull. I did the same thing I always do, sea salt soaks, litha, all that good stuff. After 2 days my tongue started turning a grungy shade of greenish brown. I had changed mouthwash so I assumed that's what it was.

I threw out the new one and bought the same brand as always, no alcohol, and everything went back to normal.

The stupid plastic ball started collecting nastyness so I dared leave my house to get a titanium one, and everything was good again. I really hate acrylic jewlery...it blows.

Anywho, my tongue is well healed now for almost 3 months and it's been stretched since then. I'm up to a 6g and going strong. I have no idea if I'm actually gonna stop at 4g. Stretching is so addictive!

I stretched using tefflon tape, you know the drill. 1 wrap a day. It is quite glorious really. However you have to keep track because when you replace the tape it's a pain in the caboose to count stucktogether saliva soaked tape.

This tape stuff is amazing. If I would of known about it back when I was doing my ears and septum, the road would of been a much smoother one.

It does kinda taste funky, which is a bit of a downfall, but besides that, it's very cheap and works like maaaaaaaaaaagic!

That's pretty much everything that happened to me, and I think the disclaimer is a bit missleading since this crazy crap really wouldn't happen to anyone else but me...

Well thanks for reading my story!

Happy piercing everybody. Remember to do it the right way and not half ass it at home with a sewing needle!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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