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My tongue-web of awesomeness

Seeing as I like to roam about here on BME frequently, I feel I should perhaps contribute my own little slice to the infinite wealth of knowledge contained here. =D. So let's begin.

I've always liked piercings. I've always wanted a piercing a little more exciting than just my earlobes [which were pierced with evil guns when I was a wee girl and subsequently healed over. Ah well.] But what was always the question. It began with my eyebrow when I was thirteen or so. Then my lip. Then my tongue. How about an industrial, that's pretty cool. But no, though my mum is pretty open minded with these kinds of things, my dad was of the persuasion that I can do what I like when I no longer live under his roof. So the piercing bug died a regretful death.

Let's skip ahead a few years, and here I am at a wonderful university, out of my pa's house and free to do what I like. Just before I left for Bournemouth, I had been toying with the idea of a nose piercing, which the parents seemed comfortable enough with; it's a fairly conservative thing.

But I had other ideas.

After scouring the web for different piercings, I happened upon some images of the tongue web and that was it. I decided the one for me was definitely the tongue web. Aesthetically, it looks awesome. It's pretty easily hidden, so no guilt when I venture home to see the folks. Sold.

So I began the search for a piercing studio. A reputable one was located in the town here, but being new to Bournemouth, I had absolutely no idea where this place was. However, luck was in store. As I strolled home from uni one day, what should I happen to see on the high street at the end of my road, but a tattoo and piercing studio. I surveyed the window. The place was locked for the night, but the interior seemed clean. I was that step closer.

The next day I left university early with two pals, and once they had departed my company, I took the long stroll down my road to the little high-street at the other end. All I stopped for was my passport on the way down and a quick text to gain some encouragement from a friend of mine, and I was off again, back down my road, round the corner, to the door, in I go.

Clean, just as I'd hoped. It wasn't busy, but where is on a Wednesday lunch time?

I told the guy at the counter what I wanted, and it was no problem. He also had it too, which made me feel more comfortable. Turned out this guy was also the piercer, definitely reassuring! So I signed the forms and paid my money, and followed Dan into the little room where he gave me some antiseptic mouthwash to swill with, before I sat myself down on the lovely dentist chair. The most awkward part of the whole experience was positioning my tongue. Opening your mouth wide enough AND lifting your tongue so the tip touches the roof of your mouth isn't as easy as one may assume. But still, I managed it, and the weird little clamp thing was attached to the sexy stringy bit that's attached to my tongue.

Now I won't lie.

It didn't hurt at all.

Honestly, I was expecting it to be really sensitive, and hurt like hell because of it, but not at all. There wasn't pain, just mild discomfort as my tongue realised something had been put through it and left there, [the tube or needle or whatever it is they put the jewellery through, I'm no expert] while I sat there gormlessly with my mouth open and tongue up. But once the little ring was through, and eventually closed [again, another awkward thing to try and manoeuvre, given the location I guess] no pain at all. Not that day.

I went home proud that I'd done something by myself and not wussed out, and showed my housemates, who now think I am insane.

However, the underneath fleshy bit of my mouth, and to some extent my tongue, did swell up over the coming week or so. I fiddled with it too much, probably didn't take care enough while I was eating – it makes you really aware of where the food in your mouth is - and I think over-cleaned it with too strong a mix of the antibacterial mouthwash they gave me at the studio. Words of advice: don't do that. My tongue also grew a weird fleshy bump around once side of the ring, but I went back to the studio and was told that was perfectly normal, it'll go down. It did, after a bit more cleaning of the jewellery itself [plaque build up is hard to combat on that sucker, but make sure you do otherwise the piercing gets irritated] but all it really needed was some TLC.

This was October sometime. Now it's March and I replaced the ring [which eventually feels too big, and got caught on my teeth] with a blackline micro bannabell. Not having any pliers I opened the ring with a pair of scissors - NOT THE BEST IDEA! It was luck I didn't snip my tongue – And spent a good ten minutes trying to wiggle a tiny bar into a tiny hole in a bit of my tongue where your saliva gland is without dropping it/swallowing it. Eventually it worked; though I had to hold the bar between my teeth to screw the ball back on. It looks awesome though! And feels so much nicer, but is definitely a bugger to get in. If you're not sure about it, I suggest going to the studio and asking them to do it.

I love this piercing. It's so comfortable and when you show people, they either think you're nuts, or that it must have been really painful and you are badass. My sister just says it's pointless.

If you're thinking about it, get it done without hesitation. You won't be disappointed!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: White+Flame+Studios
Location: Winton%2C+Bournemouth

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