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My long awaited tongue piercing experience

Ok so this is he first time I have written about any of my piercing experiences so it may not be that great. I currently have 15 and love them all, so much so that I am off to get two more tomorrow.

I will warn you now that the process of me getting my tongue done was a long one which took about 3 years! Only because I had to persuade my mum and leave school though. =]

So about 3 years ago I went and got my navel pierced, at this point it was the first real piercing that I had gotten. A couple of days after this I decided I wanted my tongue pierced. Realizing that I was 13 and my mum barely let me get my navel pierced I knew this wouldn't happen for a fair few years, so I sort of forgot about it.

About a year after this I went and got my helix pierced, and since then I seemed to of had my love of piercing's. Whilst I was getting my helix pierced I was speaking to the piercer about getting my tongue pierced, she then mentioned something about if veins are in the wrong place I wouldn't be able to get it done, so I got her to check my tongue there and then, it was all good! =] Still being only 14 I realized I would have to wait until I left school to get my tongue pierced and would need to persuade my mum a tad more.

When it came to around April 2007, I was 15 and close to leaving school I kept bringing the subject up with my mum, well I say that, but it was more of a, "Don't forget that your taking me to Chelmsford in May to get my tongue pierced." I have to say the response wasn't too bad but along the lines of "oh do I now!?"

Anyway May came and my mum was driving me to Chelmsford, It was around a 30 minute drive. I was really excited at the fact I was finally getting it done. Since the place I went to had been recommended I was unsure of where it was, so it took us a little while to find.

Once we had entered the tattoo parlor you could already see that it was a nice friendly place and very clean. We waited for a little while for the piercer Claire to come down. I let her know what I wanted doing and she asked me to fill out the usual forms and because I was underage she had to look at my mums id as well, she then proceeded to ask me if I had eaten, which I hadn't and it is never a good idea to be pierced on an empty stomach at the risk of you fainting, so she told me to go and get something to eat and come back.

10 minutes, one can of coke and a packet of sweets later I was back in the shop. My step dad, who was also with us, had decided that he would like to watch so we both went up the stairs to the piercing room with Claire. The room is a very small one but very clean and there is the usual medical bed thing there and covered in blue paper, a small sink in the corner and all the needles and jewellery bagged up and sterilised.

Claire started to go through the procedure with me, but I have to say I was so excited that I can't remember her saying it. She told me that tongue piercing's are usually the ones that people work themselves up about the most, when it's the one that is the least painful and easiest. I now have to say I completely agree! Claire then started to get out the needles and jewelery out. She marked my tongue and asked me if the placing was ok, which it was, and then she numbed my tongue with the same stuff that dentists use so I couldn't feel much.

Now I had heard rumors that they couldn't numb your tongue because you might swallow it, now that is complete rubbish!

So I was chatting with my step dad and he agreed to film the procedure for me, unfortunately his phone battery died before it had even started so we had no luck there.

Claire got out the clamps and told me to stick my tongue out as far as I could, she then checked if I had any veins in the way, which I am guessing I did because she moved it again and re- checked. She then told me to take a deep breath; she had put the needle through and was now putting the jewelery in. The whole thing was over so quickly that I hadn't even realized that she had done it. Claire then gave me some water and told me to rinse my mouth out until there was no more blood, I have to say I did this quite quickly as I don't tend to bleed much or at all with piercing's, which I like. I then checked my tongue out in the mirror, it looked great! We then went back downstairs to my mum and for me to pay for my excellent new piercing!

Obviously with the piercing likely to swell a little bit so I had a longer bar in than what I needed so Claire told me to return in 2 weeks to change it and also if I got any problems to come straight back. She then offered me some mouth wash which I could use for cleaning which I brought. The total cost of the piercing was £25 and plus £5 for the mouth wash. I left the shop really pleased with myself and still numb from the whole thing and because of this still talking normally for the first 20 minutes. After that speech was ok but it took me a while to get the words out as I was talking slowly so I didn't get a lisp.

The whole healing experience was completely fine, I had no problems and I went back two weeks later and got it changed to a smaller bar, eating was fine and the only trouble I had was that the longer bar was making it slightly more difficult to eat and annoying when I tried to speak. But other than that it was completely fine. I have to say I was a bit obsessive about cleaning and would wash my mouth out after everything I ate or drank other than water so ended up getting rid of the good bacteria in my mouth but at least it didn't get infected.

I love my tongue piercing the most out of all of the ones I have and would defiantly have it done again, I feel bare when I take it out to change it now, and it just kind of completes who I am, people don't even notice I have mine done because I don't constantly sit there playing with it, (it annoys me when people do that). I recommend tongue piercing to anyone who wants it done; it is honestly the most pain free, fastest healing piercing there is!

So go and have fun getting pierced =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Claire
Studio: Hepcat
Location: Chelmsford

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