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aftercare far worse than actual piercing, definitely bearable though

This is the story of my tongue piercing.

I was going to Sydney on Friday with a girl friend and decided that a tattoo would be far too expensive and spontaneous so decided I would get my tongue pierced instead. I do not suggest planning it out like this. Well I do, but don't set a particular date because this is what I did and ended up psyching myself out..almost.

So I decided to buy all the necessary aftercare stuff, such as a new toothbrush and liquid meals, thinking if I prepared this much I wouldn't back out in the end. For my final meal I ate a Big Mac. And I mean my final solid meal for at least four days.

I headed to Off Ya Tree in Oxford Street, Sydney but the piercer wasn't in so the guy working recommended Inner Vision around the corner from there. I went there and was greeted by a lady with a face full of metal, but no tongue piercing. As soon as I walked in the shop, I turned to my friend and shook my head – 'Nah, I can't do this, I really can't.' She just looked at me and said 'Come on, you've already bought all that stuff, you can't back out now.' The receptionist lady said we could get it done in 15 minutes and told me to go eat something to calm my nerves. Instead of doing so, I ended up coming back to the piercing place, with a freshly convinced friend on my arm. She was willing to get her tongue pierced too...if I paid half.

We paid our $75 each (though I paid $40 of hers, knowing I could not go through the pain I was anticipating alone) and sat down to wait. I then noticed the sign that said 'No friends allowed past this point.' I almost backed out at that point, convinced I could not get my tongue pierced without moral support close by. But five minutes later, the piercer (Gary) came out and asked me to follow him into the room. At this point I had psyched myself up so much I was talking a mile a minute, asking absolutely ridiculous questions ('have you done this before?' 'No, no I've never done this before,' came his joking reply, which somewhat relaxed me...). He told me that by what people had told him, it was one of the easier piercing to handle so at that he showed me all the needles, clamps, bar, etc and proceeded to clamp my tongue. This didn't hurt, but Jesus Christ I was getting nervous. I don't know what I told myself to think about but it worked because I just suddenly relaxed and sat still. He then shoved the needle through. It did not hurt at all, and I don't think I'm that great with pain. I literally said 'Oh' in a surprised and kind of disappointed voice when he put the needle through. I was absolutely amazed at the lack of pain, as I had psyched myself up something shocking. He then put the bar in and tightened the ball and still it didn't hurt, just felt weird. I put my newly pierced tongue back in my mouth and that was positively the weirdest feeling in the world, a big chunk of foreign metal in my mouth, it felt huge. I looked in the mirror and was immediately happy. Attempted to rinse my mouth out with water but it merely slipped out of my mouth as I had no idea how to use my tongue anymore.

I went outside and waited while my friend got hers done, she too was amazed at the lack of pain but got dizzy afterwards so I went and bought her a coke for the sugar content. We left ten minutes later and began the drive home.

This is where the consequences kick in – 2 hours later our tongues had swollen to an absolutely enormous size and we couldn't talk properly and there was no way in hell we could eat, I could hardly sip water or swallow. We began asking ourselves why we had done it, as all we could 'eat' was ice and I couldn't even get the guts to try and swallow Panadol. This pain went on for the 5-hour drive home, I got home and my mum didn't even notice my fucked up voice...somehow. I had a liquid meal at 11 that night and then brushed my teeth and washed my mouth out with mouthwash. You really should do this after everything you eat or drink that isn't water, and your tongue goes white, apparently part of the healing process but also due to how often you are using mouthwash (3-4 times a day for me) as it kills the top layer of your tongue. It hurt the first two and a half days maybe but nowhere near as intense as a pain as the drive home. I was on liquid meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then on Thursday I had some hot chips and it was so glorious to feel a 'full' feeling in my stomach.

You honestly feel as if you will never, ever eat normally again, or talk properly (I still have a tiny bit of a lisp after a week but not really noticeable, the first week I couldn't say S's or T's well at all and both our tongues are still a little bit swollen.) But the good news is you will eat completely normally again, just be careful of biting the bar, which can kinda hurt. All in all it was sooooo worth it, I love this piercing and it hasn't even healed yet! I recommend it, which means a lot because I was freaking out so much before I got it done, I felt so pathetic afterwards. Now I want another centre one but don't think I have enough room underneath to get one in front of it, though I'm hoping to God this is just the swelling. I want another one because mine is really far back and you can only see it if I laugh, yawn or stick my tongue out. But I am still damn happy with it and do not regret a thing! Do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Inner+Vision
Location: Crowne+Street%2C+Sydney

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