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Working Myself Up For Nothing...

Okay, well where to begin? I guess I will start by telling about the days leading to this event. First off I will tell you that this was my first piercing or body modification ever, and usually I am not the person to do this kind of thing, but my girlfriend really wanted to get it done, and I had considered it in the past so I figured, "What the Hell?". I live about three hours south of where I got this piercing done, and we were planning on going up there that weekend to visit family, so we figured that we would get it done while we were there. My girlfriend approached me the week before and she said, "What would you say if I got my tongue pierced?" At this point I am like, "All Right! I cannot complain at all!". And THEN she threw it at me... "I want you to get yours done with me." At first I was not at all up for the idea, but then I got to thinking more and more, and doing more and more research on the topic (I am one of those people) and finally I agreed to it.

Now onto the week of. We were set to go up on Saturday night and get the piercing done on Saturday evening. Well we got into town about 7pm on Saturday night and went to our favorite local club where I used to work as a DJ before I moved. I was so glad to see everyone after a long time, and I began telling everyone that I was getting my tongue pierced the next day, and I got mixed reactions. Most people were excited for me, but other people knew that I was not the usual piercing person, so they said that they just couldn't picture me with a bolt through my tongue. I told them that I have done my research and talked to a bunch of other people that had their's done and a I knew that it was nothing to be worried about. We went to bed that night, telling each other that we just couldn't believe that the big day was tomorrow.

We get up and around 1:00 we called the artist that we were supposed to get it done by, and he said he didn't have a ride into his studio so therefore we weren't going to be able to get our piercing that day, we were both extremely disappointed. I thought of another place that was close to my home up there and I knew that they had a good reputation for piercings and tattoos. I looked in the phone book and their add said that they were open 7 days a week! I called and a guy answered and said that anytime after 5 we could get it done. Only problem was that it was 10 dollars more than the other place, but neither of us cared. So about 4:30 came around and we couldn't wait any longer, we headed out. Both of us were nervous...(more me than her) I just kept going over in my head that I couldn't believe that I was getting this done! As we got closer and closer to the studio I began to have an anxiety attack. And I was driving. I had to pull over and calm myself down before we could keep going. Anyways, we finally get there, walk in and another girl is getting hers done too.

I could tell that she was nervous, but she went through with it, and afterwards she said that it did not hurt. Well they get done with her, and Mark greets my girlfriend and I. He asked who was going first and I immediately pointed at her. LOL Well she went and rinsed out her mouth and sat in the chair. Something that I thought was a little odd was that he didn't use the famous purple pen to mark the spots. But I guess he was just that good because both of our piercings came out straight. He pre-bends his clamps so that they don't hurt when he puts them on, so he puts the clamp on and as soon as he goes to put the needle through she drools so much that it was not even funny!!!! But she gets done and said it did not hurt, so it was now my turn. I wash my mouth out, he clamps my tongue, shoves the needle through, puts in the barbell and it was all over just like that. We pay him 30 bucks a piece and that was that! As soon as we leave I was so excited, almost in a state of shock that I got it done! We get in the car and I immediately tried smoking a cigarette, it didn't hurt, and I even smoke menthols. So now I am on day 5 and the swelling is just about down. I would tell anyone that wants to get it done...DO IT, I got myself worked up for nothing. And it is something that I do not regret.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: Deep+Woods+Tattoo
Location: Tawas%2C+MI

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