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Taste the new obsession.

I had been pestering my dad to let me get my tongue pierced since I learned about it. Not for sexual reasons, as everyone assumes...just to make me happy. He constantly said no, but on the 3rd of July 2007 he randomly asks if I'd like to get it done the next day. I couldn't help but ask why and I found out that my aunt was going to get a tattoo that would take ages and she wanted my dad there.

Of course I said yes after hearing the explanation, and the nerves started up. Before this I could just ignore the idea of the experience because I knew it was unlikely to happen, but with the day set in stone and very near, I was a little nervous.

I woke up the next morning and was very jittery. I showered an got ready to go. It was a short ride, as Morganton is a small town, and we arrived at this 2 story building. Apparently the tattoo shop was on the second floor.

When I went in I didn't pay attention to a lot of things. We met up with my aunt and cousins and sat around for a while. The TV was on some music around with world show and Bubba was preoccupied with something, I didn't really mind. He asked me if I was the one getting the tongue piercing and I said yes. He just went back to prepare the chair, which was like a dentist chair if I remember properly.

I sat nervously until I was called back, where I plopped into the chair to wait. He marked the spot on my tongue and got those clamps. That part hurt the worst, those clamps were annoyingly painful!

All of my family gathered around to watch/grimace as he took the needle and poked the needle through, top to bottom. I didn't feel any pain from that part, but I had begun to drool from having my tongue pulled out for so long. The jewelry was inserted and the ends screwed on. I was done! And so proud of myself. Best 4th of July ever.

He gave me a napkin and told me to go rinse with Listerine at the sink in the room. I did so and was glad that it didn't bleed.


After I got the piercing, my tongue swelled, which was predictable. It had no effect on my speech, but eating was a hassle. My brain was telling me to swallow it, and I kept biting it with my back teeth. I would suggest eating food that is soft and not spicy/salty.

I carried around a little bottle of Listerine and rinsed about 3 times a day after I had eaten and before I went to bed.

It took about 2 months for it to feel entirely natural and stop hurting. Now I can't imagine NOT having it. :D

At first my friends were surprised I had gotten it, as it was rather random, but they got over it. Some of them brought up that they could remember me talking about getting it done in middle school.

No one has caught me at school with it and I do excellent in German, so it seems even less apparent. Students have noticed, but most just ask if it hurt. I never realized how many

I have been, however, nervous about showing my friends' parents. Most of them agree with the rest of the bible belt around here. I'm not satanic. I just want to be happy.

I've had this piercing for 6 months and recently the urge for more mods is hitting me hard. Thankfully my dad says whatever makes me happy is fine with him. Even after I explained about stretched ears.

People have been telling me for a while, because I do a lot of art: 'Become a tattoo artist.' but I hadn't really considered it until now. I'd love to. It's become sort of a dream for me. I hope that when I go off to college and beyond I can get an apprenticeship.

Future mods? You better believe it.

I've began to stretch my ear lobes and I've got plans for a lip piercing or 3, hopefully on my birthday in March, and an industrial in my left ear.

Tattoos as well, but those have to wait because of the laws in North Carolina and it's neighboring states. I've looked up some places in Alaska, which is where I'm going to go for college (University of Alaska at Fairbanks).

If you've got any fears, I suggest reading up on the procedures and experiences on BME and watching some videos on youtube. I didn't do any of that stuff beforehand, but thankfully it turned out okay.

Happy Modding, and I hope to tattoo you someday.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Bubba
Studio: Atomic+Ink
Location: Morganton+NC

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