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Ouch!. I didnt expect that.

I'm 16 and have been waiting for this tongue piercing to happen now forever!. My mom was real iffy about me getting it done it took her at least a month or 2 to actually let me get it done. I also have my labret nose and navel twice which she was fine with but this was a little hard to get her to come around. It was about midnight and me and her were up just talking like usual and I asked if I could get it and she said fine Casey. I was SUPER! Excited and couldn't wait to tell my friends .

So the next day came and I told my friends and they were excited being that two of them had it already and another couldn't get it due to her webbing or whatever. But besides that I had to do a couple things for my mom so I did them got the money and left!. I was so excited but I called my piercer and what do you know he's done for the day. My excitement was gone!.

So the next day came and it was about 12 and I called Dave and let him know that I was gonna be coming in for my tongue and he said okay!. So I got there and he checked my tongue he was well aware of who I was being I had gotten 3 piercings and 2 tattoos there. He checked my tongue and said I was good to go. Here were the nerves kicked in!!!!!!. I was super scared but didn't say anything I hopped on the table and picked my jewelry. I picked a silver barbell with a cute little diamond on the top. He got everything ready made me rinse my mouth then marked it, it was fine so on went the clamps! OUCH! It was by far the worst part.

Then he said not to fight him or it will just be worse so I listened duhh!. He slipped the needle through and I didn't feel it I guess the clamps took the pain away from the needle. So then he told me to wait so he can slip in the jewelry and what do you know he put the bar in from the top so my cute little diamond was on the bottom on my mouth!.

He asked if I wanted him to change it but I said it was fine I would just do it in about a week. So he made me rinse again. He gave me all the cleaning instructions and told me not to eat any solid foods for about three days or so. So I filled out my paper and was on my way. It didn't bother me at all at first I was talking fine and everything.! But was that going to be over VERY! Soon.

So the first day wasn't so bad I was rinsing with Biotene it's a very recommended mouth wash for piercings and also alcohol free!!. So I woke up the next morning to find my tongue extremely swollen and not sexy at all!. I called my friend and told her and she said it was normal it will be going down in a few days so I popped a few ibuprofen and went to sleep.

The third day was probably the worst it was more swollen then the second and I was soooo hungry but couldn't eat. I had attempted but kept biting the ball. So I just quit and to my surprise there was no pain just a big swollen tongue in my mouth and I was talking with a serious lisp.

The fourth day the swelling had gone down and I was able to eat some but it was still swollen and not sexy ha-ha. But still no pain and I was so happy about that I mean the indent the ball makes in the top of my tongue was so ugly and annoying to look at but it was going away some and started looking much better.

To my surprise the cute little ball that was placed on the bottom was seriously irritating the bottom of my mouth and making it all red so it was a bad idea to not let him fix HIS mistake. So if this is ever done to you make sure you let him fix it.! You will be sooo much happier.

Its now the fifth day and the swelling has gone down to almost nothing but its still very uncomfortable just because the jewelry is so long but I will be changing it soon.

To anyone thinking about getting this done I say go for it, its by far my favorite piercing and didn't hurt me much but remember the pain depends on the person!. Happy Piercings!!!!!!!!.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Location: New+york

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